Gluten, Wheat Allergies, and Your Skincare: From Our Mailbag

posted in: Ingredient Spotlight

Question: I have Celiac disease and a skin allergy to wheat, do your products contain gluten or are they manufactured using any wheat or gluten?

Answer: We are proud to be gluten-free! All of our skin products are made without any kind of wheat or gluten ingredients, and they do not come into contact with any gluten during the manufacturing process.

Normally any gluten-sensitivity is due to gluten being ingested, which can trigger a painful skin reaction, and not from being in contact with gluten on your skin. However, some people who are very sensitive to gluten (or like you, have a skin allergy to wheat as well) can experience symptoms if they accidentally ingest some of the skincare product (i.e. getting it on your lips), so it can pay to be safe rather than sorry.

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