We are constantly looking for ways to move our company towards a cleaner future. For us that means: clean ingredients, clean packaging, and reducing our environmental impact.

Reduce our Impact

We promise that as technologies change, we will continue to change with it, trying to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint. In the mean time, we continue to offset our carbon footprint by using TERRAPASS.

In 2020, we have purchased 21 Metric Tonnes worth of carbon offsets with TERRAPASS, the amount of carbon we use roughly to ship every customer order and to manufacture our products, conduct office work, and travel for business. Refresh has also purchased BEF water restoration certificates to restore 20,000 gallons of clean water to natural waterways, reducing our company’s water-use footprint.

Clean Ingredients

Our newest products are made with ECOCERT preservatives, or natural options if preserving agents are not required.

We never add artificial fragrance or color. Why? Added colors and artificial fragrance are prone to cause allergic reactions and do not improve the look, feel, or health of your skin. In fact they can make it worse!

None of our products contain parabens, phthalates, and sulfates – prime allergic reaction culprits that may also be carcinogenic.


Most of our products are packaged in mainly glass bottles and paper boxes that can easily be recycled. Our plastic containers are also 30% or more PCR (post consumer resin).