Refresh on SkinSAFE

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Refresh products have gone though rigorous examination and have gotten great marks by SkinSAFE!


Specific details about each product and their ratings can be found on our Refresh SkinSAFE brand page

What is SkinSAFE?

From their website: “Expert knowledge is now in your hands with the world’s most comprehensive skin product ingredient database.

With SkinSAFE, every body can have healthy skin free from allergens and irritants. You can also apply filters for specific ingredients you wish to avoid.”

SkinSAFE works with dermatologists all over the US to maintain a database of ingredients that can irritate skin, and stay on the cutting edge of scientific research and real-time monitoring of raw ingredients for potential contaminants. Using all this information, they help you determine what products might be causing allergic reactions with a simple rating system, so you can be confident that the products you buy will be less likely to irritate your skin.

At Refresh Skin Therapy, our goal from day one has been to provide products with as few ingredients as possible, to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. We keep only the ingredients you need for healthier skin while skipping fillers, artificial fragrances and coloring agents.

Once we discovered SkinSAFE, we immediately knew we needed to partner with them to confirm that our products meet high standards of purity. Our flagship product, the Vitamin C Serum is Rated 100% Skin Safe ,for example. You can see what that means, along with our other products’ detailed ratings on the Refresh Skin Therapy’s SkinSAFE Page.

Refresh’s partnership with SkinSAFE allows us to create innovative products, while remaining true to our core value of safer skincare. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new products.