Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel

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Our gentlest exfoliator removes dead and damaged skin cells without irritation. Lactic acid speeds skin cell renewal and improves skin’s ability to retain moisture.

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging
• Brightens skin tone after first application
• Smoothes and softens skin

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Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel 

Naturally Derived from Soy

For Dry, Dull Skin

Our Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel helps quickly turn back the clock on your skin, giving you noticeably brighter and more youthful appearance even after just the first use. Made with the highest quality Lactic Acid available, our professional at-home alpha hydroxy (AHA) Lactic Acid Gel Peel can safely be used on face, lips, and body. Each 1 oz / 30ml bottle contains 20-30 full facial peels. Lactic Acid is proven to increase skin’s natural collagen production to erase wrinkles and plump fine lines, as well as ideal for fading age spots.

Decades of dermatology research prove that Lactic Acid is safe and effective to brighten and tighten skin, and smooth and soften dry skin. Why pay hundreds of dollars for spa peels, when you can get the same results at home, on your own schedule, and for a fraction of the cost! 

Our low acid content makes our peel perfect for sensitive, mature, and/or dark skin, and will not cause burns, redness, or irritation. And our gel formula makes it easy to apply, and won’t splash or run onto areas you don’t want it to! Say goodbye to dry skin, and hello to smooth, even-toned skin. And like all our products, our Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel is naturally derived, never tested on animals, and made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility to ensure maximum control of quality.

• Formulated to increase skin’s ability to attract moisture
• Penetrates deeply to restore skin’s natural hydration barrier
• Fragrance-free and non-comodegenic
• Helps skin stay hydrated all day
• Skin is left smoother and healthier
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging
• Brightens skin tone
• Smoothes and softens skin
• Alcohol free Paraben free Phthalate free
• No added artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives

Detailed Instructions on How To Use Our Peels At Home


Additional information

Weight3 oz

Dispense a small amount of Lactic Acid Gel to your fingertips or gauze pad and smooth over entire face and neck. Leave on for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on tolerance. Can be layered for deeper exfoliation. Rinse with cool water to neutralize the solution. Use in the evening after cleansing, as often as tolerated. Recommended for use on dry or sensitive skin.


Purified Water, Lactic Acid, Xanthan gum.


Ideal for Age Spots, Dry Dull Skin, Stretch Marks, Freckles, Sun Spots, Keratosis Pilaris, Increasing Skin Radiance and Luminosity, Acne Scarring, Skin Lightening, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines


1 fl oz / 30 ml

25 reviews for Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel

  1. Wantstoknow (verified owner)

    works well. you won’t get much of a peel, but it does smooth skin over time.

  2. Virginia Ford (verified owner)

    I am new to peels and this one is a great place to start. You can feel it tingling and working and after using it 4 times I can see my skin looking brighter/fresher. A little goes a long way so it is a value.

  3. Montana Gal (verified owner)

    Great product. I do a peel once a month and my skin looks great. I use other products also, but I like the feel of this. My dermatologist says I have great skin for being 59.

  4. Brent Mccollum (verified owner)

    Cleared up my blackheads

  5. Gabriela (verified owner)

    It is good, burns a little bit but cleans my skin very deep, I use it with my led light and I can see an improvement on my face

  6. Amberr Meadows (verified owner)

    I love this gentle exfoliating lactic acid, but it’s important to only leave it on for the recommended time, because it can cause uncomfortable burning. Neutralize with cool water, and all is well. I find it best to use only once a day maximum, and my skin looks an feels great. It’s like a non-invasive mini-chemical peel.

  7. Chrisy (verified owner)

    I was super excited to try this product! I have never done a chemical peel in my life So when i was able to review one in exchange for my honest review i couldnt wait for it to come in the mail. I have been trying all kinda of new items becuse i want to expand my beauty routine.

    I used the dropper to place some product on my hands, quickly rubbed it between my palms and applied it evenly on my face and also on my neck. It which feels actually just like water and has no smell at all. Ii didnt bother my skin or feel weird at all it was more refreshing Very relieved I washed the peel of with cold water

    Overall i like this and would use it again My skin was left feeling nice and soft

  8. Jessamine41 (verified owner)

    The [re]fresh Skin Therapy’s Lactic Acid 10% Peel came in a clear bottle with a white and blue label. It also comes with a dropper which can replace the original cap on the bottle. It has a clear, thick serum-like consistency which has a slightly odd scent. The scent is not irritating and tolerable.

    The [re]fresh Skin Therapy’s Lactic Acid 10% Peel is very gentle. I don’t feel any tingling or different sensation even if I leave it on for 3 minutes. It also doesn’t cause any excessive or visible peeling but I like how it works well with the 2% Salicylic Acid Peel. Both peels are now incorporated in my nightly routine and I love how the Lactic Acid 10% Peel gives my skin a breather from the Salicylic Acid Peel.

    Using the [re]fresh Skin Therapy’s Lactic Acid Peel made my skin look brighter and smoother. I like how gentle it is so as not to cause any visible and excessive peeling yet effective enough for quicker skin cell turnover.

  9. Aaron Thompson (verified owner)

    I just received my lactic acid 10% gel peel serum in the mail and I used it immediately after getting out of the shower. I started with a freshly cleaned face, and applied a few drops of the serum to a mask brush. I applied it all over my face and to my surprise there was no funny smell at all. The gel had a great consistency to it so I was not afraid of it moving at all into my eyes or mouth. After about 30 seconds I began to feel a slight tingle to my skin, but nothing uncomfortable it was refreshing. I get why they call themselves Refresh Skin Therapy! I washed my face after timing exactly to 3 minutes with ice cold water, blotted with a towel and applied my face serum. I was relieved to see that my face had no redness especially in the areas where I shave daily I was afraid of that.

    Let me say my skin looks and already feels better. I feel like it can breathe, yet I am not left red or irritated by the acid peel. After about an hour I walked past a mirror to notice a nice glow to my skin, I cannot wait to use this again. It was extremely gentle, and I will update in a few weeks after continued use.

  10. Hollie Pedereson (verified owner)

    Lately my skin has been looking…rough. I have been having a lot of breakouts, and it just feels dry and kind of patchy. I have tried using some facial moisturizer, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I thought I would give this Lactic Acid Gel Peel a try.

    I like that the gel had no smell. I don’t like to use products with fragrance on or near my face, it tends to irritate my eyes.

    It is best to use this peel in the evening. I prefer to use it after I shower and have washed my face really well. I just take the dropper and put a few drops on my fingertips. Then I rub it into my face and neck, just becareful to avoid getting this in your eyes. Now, I left mine on for about a minute. It was giving me a burning sensation that I didn’t like. After that you rinse your face with cool water (to stop the acid from working). Then I just pat dry. My face was a little red, but that went away within about a half hour. After the redness went away, my face felt amazing. The next morning when I was putting my make-up on, I could feel a nice subtle difference in my face. It felt more smooth.
    I only use the gel peel every other day. I just didn’t want it to dry out my skin too much. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. I am able to leave it on for about 2-3 minutes before rinsing it off.

    My face is more even and looks brighter and far more healthy then it did when I started using the peel.

  11. Stephanie Shu (verified owner)

    Very good product. I have very sensitive skin and I am allergic to a many products and it worked really well with my skin as a stand alone peel and as part of the whole skincare system

  12. A. Drewes (verified owner)

    I personally had never tried any Lactic Acid serums before now so I have nothing to honestly compare it to. Upon my research I discovered that this product is good to use for Age Spots, Dry Dull Skin, Stretch Marks, Freckles, Sun Spots, Keratosis Pilaris, Increasing Skin Radiance and Luminosity, Acne Scarring, Skin Lightening, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines. What surprised me though was that very few ingredients are used: Purified Water, Lactic Acid, Xanthan gum. To use it’s quite easy. What you need to do is dispense a small amount of Lactic Acid Gel to your fingertips or gauze pad and smooth over entire face and neck. You then leave it on for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on tolerance. Just a note, this can be layered for deeper exfoliation. After letting it sit for the allowed time, rinse with cool water to neutralize the solution. It’s best to use in the evening after cleansing, and as often as tolerated is definitely recommended for use on dry or sensitive skin.

    The lactic acid gel peel had a slight bit of a sting on my face during the application, but nothing I couldn’t handle. In fact, I don’t know if stinging is the right word – maybe a tingling type feeling? After about 3 or 4 minutes I rinsed my face with cool water, patted it dry. I also used my vitamin c serum after the lactic acid was dry. I’ve been doing this for a few days now and so far I’ve noticed a difference in my face. It seems softer, more moisturized and just an overall better looking appearance. This product has no odor either. So those sensitive to certain scents will be okay to use this. Definitely a great product so far and I intend to continue to use it.

  13. ashli (verified owner)

    It definitely feels like its working while its on your face, but it hasn’t made a difference at all over the last 2 weeks unfortunately. Maybe if there was a higher % acid they make that would be better as my skin is not sensitive at all and can handle a lot. If you have sensitive skin then this product might be for you.

  14. beauty4free2u “Sissi” (verified owner)

    I was really, really excited to try this product! I have never done a chemical peel in my life and did not quite know what to expect- yes- I was even a bit scared! The package said: “Leave on for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on tolerance”. This little word “tolerance” freaked me a bit out, I have to admit!

    I used the dropper to place some product on my hands, quickly rubbed it between my palms and applied it evenly on my face and also on my neck. As soon as I had the product, which feels actually just like water and has no smell whatsoever- on my skin I started to count the seconds as I was afraid I could overdo it. But even at the 3 minute mark I did not had a tingling feeling- I felt nothing!

    Very relieved I washed the peel of with cold water. I noticed a tiny bit of redness on some areas on my face but everything seemed alright. The redness was gone after about one hour.

    Because I tolerated this peel perfectly (I do not have sensitive skin at all) and had no side effects I did the same procedure for the next 2 days again, always with the same results: I did not feel anything at all- but I noticed that I got already some light peeling on some areas where I had a bit of discolorations! It seemed to work!

    Now on the 4th day I decided to double up the product and used twice as much on my face. And: TA-DA! There it was! That was the feeling I was expecting! It tingled, stung a bit- and itched kind off! It is funny but I almost liked it because I wanted to feel something! It was not feeling nice but it was feeling “right” if you understand what I mean? After I washed it off my face was a tiny bit more red on some areas (especially on my forehead).

    The next day I noticed some more peeling- but not like after a sunburn- very mildly and almost not even visible!

    I have to say: I have tried so many anti aging products but THIS PEEL you girls: immediate results! I think this tops off everything I have tried so far! I am having the smoothest skin and I am noticing that the fine lines on my forehead get better after each treatment!

  15. Treehugger (verified owner)

    Wow- is all I can say on this lactic acid serum. I have used it for a few weeks now, and instantly I have noticed that my skin looks brighter. My pores are smaller, and my skin is super soft.
    If you look up lactic acid you can discover that it is one of the better acids to use on your face for instant and long lasting results. I wasn’t convinced until I tried this. BINGO!

    This is a nice formulation as it is a lower percentage of lactic acid- less likely to burn your face and cause issues. I had no redness or itching at all.. just great results.

  16. Nancy Loderick “Internet strategist” (verified owner)

    I used to love to get facial peels at a salon, but my budget doesn’t allow for that these days. I was happy to come across this product that is a peel you can do at home.
    It is strongly recommended that you use the ReFresh Rose Glow Cleanser in preparation for the peel. You should also follow up the peel with ReFresh Hyaluronic Acid Cream as a moisturizer.

    Why I like this product:

    * It works, yet it is gentle on dry skin. I didn’t feel any stinging or dryness after using this product.
    * You only have to leave it on for 1-3 minutes.
    * The natural ingredients. The lactic acid is naturally derived from soy beans.

    Since this product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), you should be careful in the sun. AHA can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun, so you should always wear a highly protective sunscreen after using this.

    If you want to gently brighten your face, you will enjoy this product.

    * I received a free sample for testing and review.

  17. Heather Baker (verified owner)

    I was asked to review this product. All opinions are 100% my own. I have never used a peel before. I LOVED it! It made my face feel awesome! I was afraid that my sensitive skin would be an issue but other than a little bit of redness right away, no other issues! I would highly recommend this product, it is amazing!

  18. Lilprincess (verified owner)

    This worked really well and was not harsh on my skin which is very sensitive.

  19. Lilprincess (verified owner)

    This worked really well and was not harsh on my skin which is very sensitive.

  20. Nina Rotz (verified owner)

    A lactic acid gel peel is not meant to be used as a regular skincare routine. A little of this product, used sparingly, goes a long way. I used it on my hand and face in order to get an accurate description and purpose of this peel.

    I started by applying a small amount to my hand on an area showing fine lines and aging. The instructions say to keep it applied for three minutes and then remove with cold water. It is also important to moisturize after application. My hand felt smoother and tightened. The area where I applied the peel also felt very soft.

    I have naturally sensitive and dry skin on my face therefore I chose to apply the peel on my face for no more than two minutes. I cleansed my skin as usual and then applied lactic acid 10% gel peel for two minutes – removed peel with cold water and applied my regular moisturizer. It felt as if my moisturizer penetrated skin better after using a lactic acid peel. It does tingle but not uncomfortably.

  21. Holland R (verified owner)

    This worked very well for my skin. It now looks even and clear! I would definately recommend this to others!

  22. CC (verified owner)

    I used this product after the Hydrating Rose Glow Gel Deep Facial Cleanser at night and am really happy with how it makes my skin look and feel. The peel had very little burning feel so it is not harsh at all and my skin feels really smooth and clean after using.

  23. Shanika Montgomery (verified owner)

    great product for everyday use!

  24. Happy To Be Here (verified owner)

    I was offered a sample of this product so I could give my fair and honest opinion of the results. I have very fair skin and have some sun damaged areas from years of sunshine and abuse. I have even had a couple of biopsies to make sure I didn’t have skin cancer as that does run in my family. I agreed to try this product but even though I had doubts it would improve my skin I still had that tiny bit of hope in the back of my mind that it would. I used this along with the companys rose glow facial cleanser and moisturizing cream.

    I have had a few seborrheic keratosis’ removed by freezing and biopsy…can be painful at times so I figured what the heck, I’ll give this stuff a try and if it doesn’t work I’ll just go back to the Dr.’s.

    Before bed I cleaned my face with Hydrating Rose Glow Gel Deep Facial Cleanser, then applied a thin film of this Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel Exfoliant Anti-aging Serum, rinsed after the 3 minutes, then followed up with Hyaluronic Pure Moisturizing Cream. I actually added a bit to the trouble spots first before adding to the rest of my face so it would be on those areas longer.

    The lactic acid gel peel felt a bit stingy on my face, nothing I couldn’t handle though. After the 3 minutes I rinsed my face with cool water, patted dry, then added a tiny bit of the moisturizing cream to sooth my skin. I did this every night for about a week and a half.

    I noticed after the 1st week that my face had broken out in a few places, I don’t get acne so that was strange. I suppose my new skin care habits were bringing hidden things to the surface after who knows how long.

    The weird part is I have a small keratosis spot on my cheek that the Dr. wanted to remove and biopsy and I noticed today it is about half the size it was a week ago and you can barely see it! I thought it was just wishful thinking on my part so I had my husband look close and tell me if he thinks it looks smaller. He did too! 😀 A few of my freckles are also looking lighter as well. For me this is very exciting and I will continue to use this product.

    I would recommend this product and will purchase more when I run out. I love it! 🙂

  25. Diane Kistner (verified owner)

    I’m 61, and I have not taken care of my skin well at all over the years. While I’ve stayed out of the sun, I do have a fingernail-sized patch of what I think is probably a seborrheic keratosis on my cheek. I can “kill” it (cause it to fairly quickly slough off) by using a mixture of fresh lemon juice, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, but there is still discoloration on my skin after I do that. I was hoping this peel would help lighten the underlying skin, and I am happy to report that it does.

    I used a glycolic acid peel years ago that really did a number on my face, and not in a good way. I was kind of afraid to try this lactic acid peel (given to me in return for an honest review) for fear I’d have a similar reaction, but this peel is very mild. In fact, the first few times I used it, I didn’t notice anything happening at all. It was only after about five uses that I began to feel that tingling feeling that indicates it is working deep down on my fresh, new skin. (This is more an indictment of my sorry skin care regimen, I expect, than of the product.)

    It doesn’t take very much of this peel to completely treat my face and neck, so I know the bottle is going to last a good long while. I followed this peel with Refresh Skin Therapy’s Hyaluronic Pure Moisturizing Cream (Post-peel Repair and Restore), which is soothing after doing the peel. If you are looking for a gentle product, this one is it. If you are looking for something more intense, try the glycolic acid peel instead.

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