Restore Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

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A lightweight but rich post-treatment moisturizer to hydrate and protect newly-revealed skin.

Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1,000 times its’ weight in water, binding moisture to even the driest skin without greasy residue.

Squalane is produced naturally by skin, but levels decrease as skin ages. Derived from olives, Squalane is ultra-hydrating and over time fades pigmentation, scars, and reverses UV damage while fighting free radicals.

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[Re]store Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

Enhanced with Squalane

A Protective Hyaluronic Post-Peel Hydrating Cream

A well balanced moisturizer for all skin types, [Re]store Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream combines highly effective biogenic ingredients to soothe, nurture, and restore the skin’s moisture content.

Hyaluronic Acid creates an ideal environment for the generation of new skin cells, and plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function.

Squalane is produced naturally by skin, but levels decrease as skin ages. Derived from olives, Squalane is ultra-hydrating and over time fades pigmentation, scars, and reverses UV damage while fighting free radicals.

• Smoothes skin
• Reduces length and depth of wrinkles
• Stimulates new cell growth


Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate, and Gluten free
No artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives.
Made in the USA

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Additional information

Weight5 oz

Use morning and evening. Apply a thin layer to skin and allow to dry


Ideal for Dry Dull Skin, Stretch Marks, Reducing Scars, Wrinkles, and Fine Lines, Reverse UV damage, fade freckles, lighten hyperpigmentation, fights free radicals


2 oz / 60ml


Purified Water, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

21 reviews for Restore Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream

  1. Diamond💎 (verified owner)

    Does do as it saids, but I would not recommend using it everyday, it will irritate the skin, but great post microderm, n chem peels!

  2. Relonda M. (verified owner)

    As licensed aesthetician I use good products in my business plus when I work as an esthetician for a skin care line. I purchased the eye serum from this company from Costco & loved it so much looked for the company on line to see what else they made. Ordered the moisture & so far very happy with it! I’m serum gal so after applying my many serums I just want a moisturizer that is going to leave me hydrated and not oily looking the rest of the day. This works perfect. My skin looks great!

  3. Gordana Jovicevic (verified owner)

    Great product. It’s been only couple of weeks and improvement is already visible. No scent, non-allergenic… Good stuff.

  4. W T Emery (verified owner)

    I have been using the face cream and I really like the lightness of the product and the fact that it is all natural

  5. ippokratis theodossiou (verified owner)

    I did not get this as a sample I purchased it. I used it right away and I Have oily skin and have a problem trying to find something that doesnt make my skin look oilier than it already looks AND moisturizes the way I want. This product is perfect for that. Im not gonna lie when I saw how small it was I was alittle upset BUT when I saw all you need is literally a dab I knew it was worth it. Must buy!

  6. Kelly Garbato (verified owner)

    (Full disclosure: I received a free product from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.)
    Along with the Reveal Pre-Peel Rose Glow Cleanser and Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel, Refresh Skin Therapy sent me a jar of its Restore Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream for review. The products were meant to be used together as part of a skin care regimen, so initially I only applied the cream three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, after using the cleanser and peel; the peel can be used up to three times a week) for approximately eight weeks. After this trial period, I still had a significant amount of moisturizer left over, so I started using it as needed.

    The first thing that struck me about the Restore cream is how rich and thick it is. I only need a little dab to cover my entire face, and it goes on clean – I’m not left with a greasy feeling after applying it. I have combination skin, and it does an excellent job of moisturizing the dry areas without making the oily spots even oilier. At about $22 an ounce, it is rather pricey, but does a much better job moisturizing than my other vegan moisturizer (Jack Black, which is about $9/oz.). Though it’s geared toward “post-peel repair and restore,” the Restore cream is light enough that you could use it on a daily basis, with or without the peel and pre-peel face wash. I didn’t notice any change in my acne while using it, which means that it didn’t clog up my pores.

    Unlike Jack Black, the Restore cream does not contain sunblock – and since the fruit peel contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, you should consider using sunscreen if you’re also undergoing the skin peel treatment.

    It’s also worth noting that I have moderately sensitive skin (inherited from my mom), and the Restore cream didn’t cause any issues. It has a neutral (almost nonexistent) scent, which is excellent for those with olfactory sensitivities. According to Refresh Skin Therapy’s website, “We use USP-grade ingredients which are all botanically-derived; we never test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. Our products are always free from Parabens, Perfumes, Dyes, and Phlalates.” It even did an admirable job on an especially dry patch of skin that’s recently developed on my neck, though I suspect that yet another visit to the dermatologist may be in my near future (it’s starting to look a lot like dermatitis!).
    (Full disclosure: I received a free product from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.)
    As for the whole package, I did notice an improvement in my acne scars, with the most dramatic changes occurring in the first month. In particular, I had one flat and one atrophic scar, both newish, the appearances of which I hoped would be reduced by the fruit peel. While the products obviously couldn’t do much to fill in the pit left by the atrophic scar (as I understand it, this usually requires laser treatment or dermal fillers), the redness of both scars faded noticeably. Whether this is due to the passage of time or the efficacy of the products, it’s hard to tell; but it seems like the redness faded much more quickly than normal. It’s also impossible to say which of the products deserves the lion’s share of the credit, since I used all three in concert (though my money’s on the fruit peel!). The fruit peel also seemed to work significantly better than some of the non-vegan products I tried back in my omni days, such as Mederma and the like.

  7. Nancy Loderick (verified owner)

    As I’ve gotten older, my skin has become drier and it has been a challenge to find an effective skin moisturizer. They are either too greasy, or don’t moisturize. This product is a nice way to moisturize your face.

    For best results, you should use this product in conjunction with a gentle cleanser and skin peel.

    Why I love this product:

    * It’s effective. My skin feels moisturized, but not greasy.
    * The natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients include: Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid.

    If you are looking for a nice moisturizer for your face, this may be just the thing for you.

    * I received a free sample of this product for testing and review.

  8. Cynthia Sue Larson “best-selling author” (verified owner)

    I received a sample of this Refresh Skin Moisturizing Cream to review, together with the Refresh Hydrating Rose Glow Gel Facial Cleanser and the Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel… and all I can say is, “WOW!”

    Taken together, these three products applied before bedtime help restore a smooth, fresh, vibrant glow to my facial skin. This Refresh Moisturizing Cream works with just the smallest amount of product being applied, so a little truly goes a long way. This is similar to the other two Refresh products mentioned above. I only used this cream after first using the Refresh Hydrating Rose Glow Gel Deep Facial Cleanser and Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid Gel Peel, so I can attest to the fact that for my skin (which tends to run on the slightly oily side), they work perfectly together.

    I’ve used other moisturizing creams, and am very particular about what products I use, since I have sensitive skin. Many over-the-counter products end up in my garbage can, simply because they cause my skin to break out. My skin requires pure natural ingredients, which is why I’m particularly impressed with this Refresh Skin Therapy product that I received as a free trial sample to review.

    Highly recommended!

  9. crazycarfreak (verified owner)

    I could not stop but think of a creamy vanilla pudding when I saw the wonderfully smooth consistency of this cream. Hyaluronic Acid is a wonderful ingredient as it soaks in all water it can get and with that plumps up your skin.

    This is a great addition after the Lactic Acid Peel. Now you might think that you should not use a moisturizer after a peel but this is actually not true. The peel will happen within the skin and you can not stop it with a moisturizer but you help the skin instead to appear smooth.

    This is a very light weight cream and I used only a tiny amount- my skin soaked it right away in after the peel. It felt smoothing and refreshing. I did not notice a strong scent- a hint of a “medical” scent I would say- but not overwhelming, barely there scent.

  10. Jennifer Donovan (verified owner)

    This is the kind of cream that really goes deep. When I wash my face in the morning after having used it, my skin feels so soft, and I can feel the rich moisturizer washing off. I love that. But when it’s on at night, it doesn’t feel (or look) overly greasy. And though the peel isn’t overly irritating, this cream does feel so good to put on after.

    See my video review of the Refresh peel.

    **I was sent free product in exchange for my opinion**

  11. CC (verified owner)

    Really nice moisturizer that is comparable to other more expensive products. Great product!

  12. Shanika Montgomery (verified owner)

    Moisturizes well!

  13. Happy To Be Here (verified owner)

    This moisturizing cream makes my skin feel silky smooth! I use it after using the rose glow pre peel cleanser. If used after a peel it works very well and helps sooth your skin.

    Just a little bit goes a long way. I just pat a few dots around my face and smooth it in, it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Light enough to wear under make up too. I love how this moisturizer makes my skin feel!

    Received sample product for fair and honest opinion.

  14. KG62 (verified owner)

    This moisturizing cream makes my skin feel silky smooth! I use it after using the rose glow pre peel cleanser. If used after a peel it works very well and helps sooth your skin.

    Just a little bit goes a long way. I just pat a few dots around my face and smooth it in, it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Light enough to wear under make up too. I love how this moisturizer makes my skin feel!

    Received sample product for fair and honest opinion.

  15. Jennifer Ledet (verified owner)

    Very light and absorbs quickly. Feels great on my hands. I apply in the morning and at night – and followed the instructions on the packaging. Pairs well with the Rose Glow Cleanser. I highly recommend!

  16. Shannon Lastowski (verified owner)

    This is one of the best creams out there for sensitive or post-peel skin, as well as being excellent for users of a derma roller.
    Impressive natural ingredient list. Skin feels cared for and soft, and when used as part of the 3-step peel system, expect results that rival uber-expensive medspa treatments.
    Let your skin calm down after the peel, and then apply this soothing cream.
    After being given a sample of the 3 step system, my skin is more supple, and lines softened.

  17. Shirley Priscilla Johnson “Author/Reviewer (verified owner)

    I really like this moisturizer. The moisturizer has a very nice sweet smell and does not leave your face feeling oily, but soft which is a plus. So many of them do leave an oily feel on your face. It was easy to use and went on smooth across my face. I liked how my skin looked after use. It looked soft and appealing. That is great.

    I used The Rose Face Wash, Glycolic Peel, and Moisturizer together from this company. I have to say these products work well. My face feels refreshed and soft after use. I have sensitive skin and allergies so I must take extra cautions when using a product, but I had no problems with these products and no allergies. I recommend this regiment, and these products. I received free samples of these products for a fair and honest review

  18. Diane Kistner (verified owner)

    I promised myself I would spend at least 45 minutes a day just moving, moving, moving in the pool. I feel really good after I get out, but the chlorine in the water and the sun on my face all that time (even wearing strong sunscreen) makes my skin feel tight and uncomfortable. I received a jar of this moisturizing post-peel cream in return for an honest review. It works for its intended use following Refresh Skin Therapy’s lactic acid peel (reviewed elsewhere), but I like it best to put on my face when I get in from the pool. I wash the chlorine off my face, then follow with this cream, and my skin feels fresh and feeling moist for the rest of the day. It’s light enough that it doesn’t feel like I have something on my face, which I can’t stand, but being a humectant, it hydrates my skin. Is it the best moisturizer I’ve ever used? No, I prefer Neutrogena’s Continuous Hydration Night in terms of how it feels and goes onto my skin, but that’s like comparing apples to oranges. The two products have completely different functions. This is a good pairing with one of the acid peels, but it’s also nice to have as a day-time moisturizer. It also doesn’t break out my skin like some moisturizers do. It is completely not greasy.

  19. Lee Mellott “Work at Home Author” (verified owner)

    I received a sample of this product to review along with the companies fruit acid peel and cleanser. The moisturizer is a nice finish to the peel process. The peel removes dry skin revitalizing it and the moisturizer is a nice soother to use right after. Alternatively you could use a Vitamin C serum or other product. Because the peel bares the skin it is receptive to treatments such as this moisturizer.

    I love the hyaluronic ingredient in this product. I feel it works well to soothe rough skin. Overall, a nice product at a decent price point.

  20. Mandy Payne (verified owner)

    This product is soothing and calming after using any kind of peel. I was new to home peeling, and this cream was recommended as a follow up for the fruit acid peel. The ingredients are the type I look for in all of my face products, all natural and healthy.

    If you’re going to peel, repair with this.

  21. Terry “tcinsatx@yahoodotcom” (verified owner)

    I am using the Refresh Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel 3 times a week and I use this hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream by Refresh after each peel.

    This is a thick, white cream that isn’t greasy at all and absorbs completely after I apply it. It has a slightly fresh smell to it but no real fragrance or scent. A little goes a long way so the jar should last for a while.

    My skin is naturally oily so I don’t use this under makeup as it’s a little heavy for my particular skin. But at night, post-peel, it soothes and moisturizes so I never have a tight or dry feeling to my skin.

    Squalane is a lipid that is found in small amounts in our skin’s natural oils. Hyaluronic acid also occurs naturally in the human body and is crucial to the body’s wound and skin repair and healing.

    If your skin is beginning to age or you have skin discolorations or sun damage or you have fine lines and wrinkles, a regimen of at-home fruit acid peels and this moisturizer could dramatically improve the appearance and texture of your skin for hundreds of dollars less than treatments at a salon or dermatologist. I’m very happy with the results I’m getting.

    NOTE: I was provided a sample for reviewing purposes, but a positive review was neither promised or implied.

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