Pregnancy, Melasma, and Skincare While Pregnant: From Our Mailbag

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QuestionI was wondering if your fruit acid gel peel is safe to use during pregnancy. I have hyperpigmentation from years of sun over exposure.

I’ve never used any products like this and I think it will make a dramatic difference on a lot of the superficial freckles and sun damage.


AnswerThank you for contacting us – I think this product will make a difference with uneven skintone and helping skin to repair itself from sun damage. However, I can’t recommend that this be used during pregnancy without checking with your doctor first. Skin can be very sensitive during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, and you may have a increased redness and irritation if you used a peel while pregnant. 

Since hormones during pregnancy can cause changes in skin color and texture, (also known as ‘melasma’ – the mask of pregnancy) be very careful before adding anything new to the mix of your skincare routine. Usually the changes in skin tone will be temporary and will fade after you give birth, but of course you can speed up the process of skin turnover and decreasing skin cell melanin content by using a peel after you give birth, and once your doctor gives you the green light.

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