Adult Hormonal Acne, Sun Spots: From Our Mailbag

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Question: Your peels look great – I’m just not sure which is right for me – do I need more than 1??? I am 46yrs old. I never had breakouts when I was younger – but, now I have adult – hormonal acne. I’ve been to the Derm-Dr — not much help.

I’ve tried professional peels and they seem to be the most beneficial but are $$$ and inconvenient. My off/on breakouts are leaving scarring on my chin. I also have a few sun spots and wrinkles. Is there 1 peel that is right for me? And, if more than 1 is needed, is it best to use 1 one day and 1 the next or layer them? Also, if I use on different days is there a max number of peels I should apply to my skin in a week? Thanks!


Thanks so much for your email. I think, considering your skin situation (adult acne, scarring) I would recommend the Fruit Acid Peel with Kojic Acid. The Lactic and Glycolic acids in it are going to keep pores clear, while Kojic acid is naturally anti-bacterial, as well as reduces melanin over-production (after the acne is healed, the little scar it leaves behind). 
I also want to share what I do when my skin is totally out of control, but it may be too drying for your skin – I can’t know without actually seeing your skin, or you telling me. I use our Salicylic Acid peel first – since it’s like a turbo-charged toner – and we recommend an alcohol-based toner pre-peel anyway (the peel can’t get deep into pores if oil is blocking the way), and THEN applying the Fruit Acid Peel. 
But the alcohol in the Salicylic peel could be too drying if your skin isn’t already oily. You can also use the Salicylic as a spot-treatment – to attack any existing breakouts. But the Fruit Acid Peel is probably your best bet to keep skin from breaking out as much in the first place. I would use that no more than every other day (so 3-4 times per week, max)
I hope that helps!


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