From our Mailbag: Back to School Skin, Hyperthyroidism and Acne, Fine Lines, Dry Skin, and Eye Area Peels

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Here is a question from an actual reader, although names and details have been changed for privacy purposes. I hope that our answers to her can help you too!

Question: I have never experienced a peel; however, I am very interested in your products. I am an 18 year old going back to college and I am scared about TCA peels and showing the embarrassing patches of dead skin around campus.

   I have dry, peeling skin on my forehead and eyebrow area when not exfoliated, but all around oily on my cheeks and chin. Most of my problems are around my cheek, chin and jawline. I am currently dealing with active acne on my cheeks (the area where most women contour) on top of old dark and pink acne scars that extend to the whole cheek. I do suffer with blackheads on my nose area, but it’s not a big problem. I also have fine lines under my eyes, but I’m not sure if the peels are safe around that area. I also have stretch marks I’d like to try the peels on.

   Furthermore, I was told I was in a gray area with hormonal imbalance/hyperthyroidism, yet never given medicine. I like to wear makeup on a daily basis to cover up these impurities, I’m not sure if this would be a problem as well. Thank you for everything!

Answer: Thank you so much for your email – I love hearing from people who are thinking about peels and I’ll try my best to answer your skin concerns.

One key with acne is not to scrub or dry out, especially as it sounds like you have dry areas on your face. I think your best bet would be the Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel – it’s gentle enough for the first time peeling – TCA peels can be quite strong.

But even if you find after a few weeks using it that it’s not be strong enough, I’ve heard of our product being recommended by dermatologists as a maintenance peel for use between stronger in-office peels.

So inside the Fruit Acid Peel, the lactic acid in it exfoliates gently and helps skin retain moisture again. The glycolic and pyruvic acids help to clear pores, while the Kojic acid in it will slowly start to fade the old acne scars you mention on the contour areas of your cheeks.

As for fine lines around the eyes, I can’t recommend using a peel for liability reasons. I know that dermatologists can do it in-office, but you know, with your eyes, you can’t be too careful. For my fine lines I use an eye cream containing retinol – thats the only thing that really works.

Also, something to keep in mind: in general acne along the jawline is usually hormonal, so if your doctor does decide to treat that, you may see improvement. And the only reason I know is I’ve been through the same thing – you can tell, it even looks different from “teenage” acne. Well, I think so anyway.

One more thing about the Fruit Acid peel – start slowly – leave it on the first time for a minute and rinse off. If everything is ok, the next day you can use it again, and slowly increase the time you leave it on, but not exceeding 10 minutes total. You can use it 3 times a week, with a noticeable difference after the first time, but best results after 6- 8 weeks of continuous use. That’s how long it takes for the skin in your face to completely turn over.

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