From our Mailbag: Maintenance Peel to Maintain In-Office Peel Results, Blackheads, and Skin Discoloration

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We love hearing from our readers! Here is an actual question from a mom looking to address various skin concerns, with editing for privacy and clarity.

Question: Hi!  I am a 38-year old mother of three who just recently had her first professional peel done at a local spa.  I believe the line used was either SkinCeuticals or Naturopathica (the spa used a combination of both products but I’m not sure which was the actual peel).  I really liked the results and the aesthetician told me to do an at-home peel once or twice per week, depending on how my skin reacts and the results I want to see.  I’m just concerned about choosing the right one for my skin/needs.  I am starting to see some very fine lines, change in skin texture, have a few blackheads (I’m a consistently moderate make-up user who does remove her products faithfully each night), and some very small, light spots that may or may not be freckles.  She also mentioned some slight discoloration (different skin color on my cheeks versus other parts of my face).  I’ve always have relatively good and clear skin so these things have me concerned…and I’m not getting any younger either!!  So all that said and after much Internet research, I’m considering trying your products because they sound great (made in USA, no animal testing, no bad ingredients, etc) but I can’t figure out which one would best suit me.  I was leaning toward the Acid Lactic one just because it seems to cover a great variety of concerns but am still unsure.  Would you be able to guide me??? Thanks!

Answer: Thank you so much for your email. From the way you described what you’re looking for, I believe that the Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% with Kojic Acid would best address your skin concerns. The Fruit Acid Peel contains Glycolic acid to keep pores clear, Lactic acid for a smoother softer skin texture, and Kojic acid which helps with uneven skin pigmentation. If you’re used to professional peels, this one will be a very nice at-home maintenance peel to maintain results between stronger peels.

This peel is meant to be left on for 1-3 minutes, then rinsed off with plenty of cool water. If your skin responds well and is not irritated by it,  you can gradually increase the time it’s left on the skin, up to 10 minutes, and a second layer can also be applied for deeper exfoliation.

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