What the Buzz is All About: Fruit Acid Peel Kit

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Want to see exactly what your getting with our products? Check out Rachel Ralston’s review on the Beauty Blog What The Buzz Is All About for unboxing our Fruit Acid Peel Kit – and how she thinks it performed on her skin, especially on frown lines:

 I get wrinkles in my forehead and between my eyebrows when I look in a certain direction. So while I was looking in the mirror tonight I noticed that the wrinkles were barely there when I made “the look.” I was very shocked on how fast and how well this product worked. I really wish I would have taken a before picture to show you but I really did not think it would work this fast. I am highly impressed with this product and can’t wait to see what it will do for me in the future as I use it more and more.”

Read the rest of her review here

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