Collagen & Elasticity – Everything you need to know about aging

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One of the biggest buzz words in the skincare industry, it’s been thrown around so frequently that is seems to have lost all meaning. Collagen is the protein that is largely responsible for the makeup of our skin, tendons, and ligaments. When we’re young, our bodies are full of collagen, and so our skin looks young. But our ability to absorb it, and our skins natural production of it declines as we age.

A collagen rich diet

This protein is found most in foods like eggs, soy, and fish—particularly salmon and tuna. Though consuming red vegetables and dark leafy greens are also great source. Bonus with the darker leafy greens is their ability to support your digestive system as a whole and boost your collagen levels at the same time. Supplements are available in almost every form of pill, powder, or bone broth. Evidence is thin that eating collagen-rich foods improve your skin, but some people swear by it.


Collagen injections are the most well known form of a collagen boost. A trained health care professional will test your skin for a potential allergic reaction, discuss possible side effects (puffiness, and slight bruising at the treatment sight are the most common) and proceed. But these are expensive, and not the first thing that you’re going to want to try.


It may seem unrelated, but lifting weights seem to ward off wrinkles. Weight-bearing exercises are beneficial for many reasons, and squats give you some of the most bang for your buck. Activating the legs and quads with weights releases human growth hormone, boosting collagen, and potentially turning back the clock for your skin.

Topical collagen boosters

Pick a serum that’s high in vitamin C, which helps to boost the natural production of collagen regeneration in your skin. And as you use it, you’ll see the effects over time as your skin continues go look younger and glow.


The [re]fresh skin therapy vitamin c serum is one of the best over the counter topical options. It is enhanced with vitamins b and E, as well as ferulic acid which is a chemical that works really well in conjunction with collagen to keep skin moist, elastic and young.