When You Should See Visible Results from a Skincare Product

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That’s really the big question isn’t it?

Whether you’re a veteran to your skincare regime, or just now starting to take skincare more seriously, it’s a question that’s crossed all of our minds at least once. We pick up a new product, try it out, and sit staring at the mirror hoping for a magical instantaneous remedy. But when is this justified? When should we see instant results and when should we just suck it up and wait a while?

Instantaneous results

Most products and processes don’t give instantaneous results. But some (kind-of) can. A moisturizer would generally fall into this category. You won’t be magically cured of your dry skin the first time, but you should have some satisfying results as soon as you apply. In general though, most instant results won’t be long lasting, when it comes to skincare “instant” often means, “fleeting.”


Keep in mind though, fleeting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something to be aware of when you use a cream moisturizer or a facemask. Lasting results usually take time.

So how long should I wait to see results?

Depending on the product, it could only take a week or so. Skin peels done at the spa or at home should include visible changes right away, and visible improvements within days.

A good cleanser, something without parabens and excess fragrances, should show pleasing results within two weeks of using it correctly. Some topical treatments and skincare systems can take 6 to 8 weeks to show visible results, like the eye recovery serum from [re]Fresh.

The deeper the problem, the longer it will take to see results. For example, dark spots, melasma, and scars are located deeper down in the dermis and it takes longer for products to reach those areas and to have an effect. This can be frustrating to have to wait, but overall the results from the “slow and steady win the race” are much better and less shocking for your skin than more aggressive options like laser treatments or deep skin peels.

But it’s important to monitor your routine and make sure that whatever you’re doing is doing something good from the beginning, even if you have to really look. Monitoring your products and use early on in the system helps to make sure the products are effective and you’re using them the most effective way possible.