Spring Break Skin

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Keep your skin healthy and travel too!

Maintaining your new year’s resolutions? So many of us have put “Travel more” and “improve skincare” on our lists. But is travel and keeping better skincare habits really compatible? Jumping out of our comfort zones over and over, changing climates quickly and drastically, and all that good comes from traveling can sometimes come at the cost of our skincare regimen. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes all we need is a good boost and some habits to keep your skin healthy while traveling

Don’t abandon your routine

It’s not the end of the world if your skincare routine isn’t as thorough when you’re traveling as when you are at home. Getting out of our comfort zones can be great for challenging bad habits, but don’t let your good habits go with it. Take the time, even if all you have to spare is a small fraction of what you do at home, and keep up with the basics of your routine. Keeping up the habit will keep your skin clear on the go, and help you get back into the full routine when you get back home again.

TSA Rules

Different countries have different rules about what can fly and what can’t. When flying internationally, make sure to carry the prescription for any doctor-prescribed skin treatments, and not more than a 30-day supply (check the rules of the country first if you’re going to be traveling longer than 1 month). Of course, flying inside the US, all liquids need to be in a plastic bag, and less than 3 ounces each.


If you’re flying from a cold climate to a sunny one, make sure to double-down on sun protection. Getting just one sunburn every 2 years may triple your risk of melanoma. Our founder swears by her own triple-threat to prevent sunburn:

“I live an ‘indoorsy’ lifestyle so when I do get to the beach, I have to be extra careful. I use our Vitamin c serum all over my body, follow with a physical blocker sunscreen with zinc oxide, and I take Heliocare, an antioxidant supplement made from ferns that helps me from getting a sunburn. When I remember to use all three of those, I could be out all day and I’ll be fine.”

Pack smart

Sort through and pack your cleansers very thoughtfully. Make sure you’re good to go on the basics, makeup remover, a simple cleanser, and a moisturizer. Make a checklist and keep it easy to get to so you’ll actually use it. Prioritize what you take by what makes your skin feel the best to you, and what is the most enjoyable to use.

Be wary of “travel kits”

Be careful when you’re picking out skincare to travel with, and take your home kit whenever possible. Skin is sensitive to change, and vacation is not the best time to test out whether or not a product will give you a breakout or not. And if you decide that packing smart means a travel kit for you, be sure to read the ingredients thoroughly. Or get a reusable travel kit and pack that way!