Unmasking Melasma with at Home Treatments

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ve probably heard of the word ‘Melasma’, also known as the “mask of pregnancy”. It is widely referred to as this due to the dark patches of discoloration that appears on your cheeks, forehead and upper lip during pregnancy.


Although not dangerous, it can become visually uncomfortable for you, or make you feel insecure. During your pregnancy, that’s the last emotion you should have to endure. Your body is at work, full-time creating a little tiny human. You absolutely do not need insecurities thrown at you while your body continues to willingly exhaust itself in order to provide life and a home for someone else.


But, what causes Melasma?


You can blame your ever changing hormones, which causes pigmentation levels to rise, in turn creating discoloration of your skin. Melasma is not as rare as you think. Up to 70 percent of women develop this skin condition while pregnant, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


If you’ve begun to notice signs of melasma, such as darkening patches in certain areas of your face, our Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum is a great option for your skin.


Our serum helps to lessen melasma through its four powerful botanical ingredients. Our ingredients include Bearberry and Kojic acid which naturally brightens your skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Our potent Licorice root extract is an antioxidant, which soothes skin that suffers from redness and sensitivity. Our Glycolic acid is an organic ingredient that encourages skin cell turnover to smoothen and soften.


Combined, these botanicals will leave your skin looking and feeling noticeably brighter and more even-toned, even after a single application. Unmask Melasma, lessen the discoloration. Feel comfortable and secure in your body.


As always, check with your physician before using any product during pregnancy.

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