Key to Summer Skincare – Brightening Serum

During summertime, there’s the sun, the sky, and the sea. But there’s also UV rays, salt and skin damage. The sun is a source of vitamins for our skin but, in excess, it can be devastating, especially if it is accompanied by lots of salt water. Too much sun and salt water can dry up our skin and create noticeable sunspots. A trio much less romantic but very real, which usually goes straight to attacking our skin, in particular, that of the face.


We all want to be able to enjoy the summer sun at the beach, with little to no repercussions. So, how can we help to remove damage the sun does to our skin?


The solution: Our Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum.


Our Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum contains four key active botanicals, which can help to brighten your complexion that has been affected by uneven skin tone, dark spots, and sunspots. With just one application, our serum will give you a smoother, softer and a noticeably brighter appearance.


What winning botanicals do we use in our serum?

Glycolic Acid: Encourages skin cell turnover to smooth and soften.

Licorice: Soothes reddened, sensitive skin, and helps to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Bearberry & Kojic Acid: Brightens skin and reduces appearance of dark spots.


The Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum works great for your face and neck, and can be followed by an application of sunscreen. Don’t cut your summer plans short. If you were hoping to hit the beach, and don’t want to hide under a towel all day long, then our serum is a must.


Your skin may not experience the consequences of UV rays yet, but sooner or later, alarms will go off, with your body crying for help. Care for your body, beat the consequences, and love your skin.






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