How to Protect Your Skin From Harsh Pool Chemicals

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Summer time has us either heading to the beach or the pool. Both relieve the uncomfortable summer heat coming our way, but which body of water can cause our skin harm? Pool water has many harsh chemicals, many of which you may have never heard of. However, one of the most common pool chemicals we do know of is, chlorine – which can be especially damaging to our skin causing dryness, roughness, aging, and bacteria buildup. Here are three ways to protect your skin from harsh pool chemicals.

Shower before and after swimming: If you want to avoid absorbing those pool chemicals that are harmful to your skin, make sure to shower before and after swimming. Your skin is less likely to absorb water from the pool once it’s wet. Be sure to get in a good rinse in fresh water after you finish swimming as well, to rid of any leftover chemicals on your skin.

Moisturize your skin: To protect your skin from dryness and roughness, do not forget to apply a deep moisturizing oil or butter as soon as you finish your shower. When those harmful pool chemicals mix with your skin, it’s inevitable your skin will react. However, properly hydrating your skin can lessen the the effects of harsh pool chemicals such as chlorine and and other disinfectants and sanitizers.


Swim in an outdoor pool: Swimming in an outdoor pool can ensure the gasses from the chemicals in the water are released into the air – and not completely absorbed into your skin. Whereas swimming in an indoor pool will cause the chemicals to circulate within the building. Outdoor swimming pools are not only better for your skin, but for your eyes, sinuses and lungs as well.