Dangerous Beauty Trends

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Reader’s Digest talks about 14 dangerous beauty trends that have popped up on social media, and quote our founder, Joanna Shu, for her take on the danger of internet-inspired at-home fixes:



” This trend of using actual bleach on the skin to relieve redness, lighten skin tone, and clear up acne is downright dangerous, according to experts. “There are often dangerous chemicals in the mix, most notably hydroquinone, which is legal in the United States but has been banned in Europe and Japan because of fears that it causes cancer,” says Joanna Shu, founder of Refresh Skin Therapy. As a general rule, she suggests using skin-care products that contain natural alternatives to hydroquinone, such as licorice or bearberry extract. “They both are powerful, skin-soothing antioxidants that even out skin tone and fade dark spots, and have the safest rating on the environmental working group’s skin deep ingredient database.” Here are 15 tricks for naturally glowing skin.” —-ReadersDigest.com Read the full article here