What happens when we age and how to prevent it

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Becoming older has its perks. Most of us grow wiser, but how many of us grow wrinklier? I know I can raise my hand.


Many times, due to harsh weather, bad habits, and sun, our skincare routine just isn’t enough to fight off those deep wrinkles.


Not only does our age inherit wrinkles, but factors such as our lifestyle, diet, heredity and personal habits can set the aging process into motion much quicker than we’d like.


Those factors can also cause:

  • Production of free radicals, causing unstable and overactive skin
  • Rougher skin
  • Skin lesions and benign tumors
  • Stretchy and more elastic skin
  • Thin or transparent skin
  • Skin that bruises easily due to thinner blood vessel walls


Among aging, stress can also play a crucial role in our cortisol levels. High cortisol levels which can cause dry, overactive oil production, redness and/or aging skin can eventually lead to an unhealthy and unappealing skin appearance.


You may be wondering:

Will I ever regain any of those qualities again?


While we cannot guarantee everlasting, perfect skin, we definitely have some tips that may improve the appearance of it.


Prevent overexposure to sunlight. Too much sunlight plays a major role in how quickly our skin changes. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light causes harm to our skin’s elasticity by damaging certain skin fibers called elastin. In order to protect your skin, try to use sunglasses and a hat when going out in the sun. Invest in a sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher.

Exercise moderately. Too much exercise can cause damage to your body, as well as too little. Find that balance in maintaining a healthy exercise schedule as some studies suggest that exercise, especially within the weightlifting realm has anti-aging effects. These anti-aging effects are due to a decrease in myostatin which can cause loss of muscle mass with aging.


Eat a well-balanced diet. Loading up on fruits and vegetables may help to prevent premature skin aging, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Inc. Premature skin aging can cause dull skin, dark circles near the eyes, and fine lines. Studies suggest that too much of carbs and sugars can actually cause the opposite (speed up the process of premature skin aging).


Maintaining healthy skin is a lifestyle change. Although we continue to age, it is never too late to commit to selfcare.  Visit refreshskintherapy.com to find products that will help alongside these lifestyle changes!