The BEST Beauty Advice EVER

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Here’s our little secret: we often get pulled in many different directions when it comes to beauty advice. Some say this and others say the opposite. However, we have to know that everybody’s skin and regimen is different – what works for someone may not always work for you. After talking to some bloggers, they gave is the best beauty advice they’d ever received. Our advice? Adjust whatever advice you hear to your own needs and wants. That way, you can achieve the perfect beauty regiment that works for YOU.

“The best beauty advice I have ever received and the one I give everyone is: simplicity is key.” Denyse Malette from“The best beauty advice I’ve ever received is never to sleep in your makeup. It can do so much damage to your skin – clogging pores and causing acne. Also, if your mascara flakes off and gets into your eyes while you sleep, you could end up with scratches in your eye, or even infections. Nobody wants that. Taking a few minutes to remove all your makeup before bed and at the very least washing your face with a basic cleanser can make all the world of a difference in your skin.” – Debbie from CosmeticsCounsel

“I’ve read that you are supposed to use anti-age creams around the age of 25, even if you don’t show any lines yet: I followed this advice and my skin still looks smooth and young (I am almost 28) while some girlfriends of mine, whose skincare does not include anti-wrinkle products, complain about fine lines and first wrinkles.” Arianna from

“Less is more. You don’t need to be seen from ten miles away (unless you are doing stage makeup) was the best beauty advice I’ve ever received. I prefer a minimalist approach to makeup now as compared to before when I was layering it on thicker than a clown.” – Nicole from MommaKauk