You’re Not Alone! Advice for Beauty Experts

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Sometimes we feel like our issues are entirely our own and nobody can ever understand them. More often than not, we are wrong. There are 7 billion people in this Earth and odds are, some, maybe even many, are suffering from the same issues that you are. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we’ve been there, too! Here, bloggers talk about some of their skin issues and their skin types to show you that you’re not alone!

“I have combination skin. My t-zone is often oily with some dryness in other areas. I also have very sensitive skin. I have really struggled with acne and blackheads in addition to large pores. I even still get acne on my back. It’s very embarrassing to wear anything that shows my back, so I often use a shawl or scarf if wearing a dress. I’ve recently started using dream dots for small problem areas at night on my face and found they worked quite well for me. Better than the alcohol type wipes or creams I’ve used in the past.” – Nicole from MommaKauk

“I have the worst skin type: combination skin that is also dehydrated! Can you imagine facing at the same time oily and dehydrated skin? Rosacea is my nemesis: it gets worse during winter but even during summer I struggle with redness all over my cheeks.” – Arianna from

“I unfortunately was ‘blessed’ with acne prone, combination, sensitive skin. I have
to be very careful what I use on my face because I break out often, and it usually
takes a long time for those breakouts to clear up. You know how people say not
to pick your pimples or you’ll end up with scars? I end up with scars
regardless…It’s a very tough skin type to live with. I have struggled with my skin for most of my life. Ever since puberty, I’ve had acne that leaves behind lovely scars, redness, large pores, trouble with oil control…the list goes on! The important thing to remember is that most people struggle with some kind of issue in their skin. While I’m sitting here complaining about oil control and acne, you might have extremely uncomfortable dry skin! – Debbie from CosmeticsCounsel

“My skin type I would have to say is normal now, previously I did in fact struggle with dry patches on my forehead and some light oiliness around my nose as most people do. As I get older I think my main concerns when it comes to my skin are keeping it hydrated as well as trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially around my eyes and forehead.” – Denyse Malette from