Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

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Today, we will be talking with bloggers regarding their best anti-aging tricks. We all know that taking care of your skin is important but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Here are some simple tips that, in the long run, will preserve the youthfulness of your skin!

“My best tip when applying ANYTHING to your skin, be it makeup or even sunscreen is to be gentle! Use your ring finger to apply creams, not your pointer, as you will use less force. Try not to rub or pull at your eyes too much, it will eventually cause more wrinkles there.” – Nicole from MommaKauk

“Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid are two of the ingredients that my skin loves the most, as they really plump it up and fill in the fine lines on my forehead.” Arianna from

“I’ve only just recently gotten into using anti-aging skincare and thinking about aging in my skin. I try to be very careful around my eye area and not tug and pull on it when applying makeup, or rubbing my eyes. The most important tip I can give is that EVERY skin type needs moisturizer, regardless of what you think. So many younger girls that I know don’t use a moisturizer because they have oily

skin – and this is actually counter productive. Moisturizer is one of the most important skincare products out there – and it will keep your skin looking healthy into older age. Also, don’t forget your neck!” – Debbie from CosmticsCounsel

“My tips to help with anti-aging are as simple as they come. #1 avoid all chemical laden products; opt for cruelty free, organic products. #2 is try to eat well. Again, that consists of eating organic and avoiding processed foods. Trust me these 2 things are crucial and work better than any product out there.” Denyse Malette from