Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

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Since spring has officially arrived (thankfully!), it is time to think about all of the old products sitting at the bottom of your makeup bag. We asked a few of our favorite bloggers how they go about cleaning your makeup bag.


I am always looking at what makeup products I use the most often. There are certain wants, when it comes to makeup and of course, needs. If I discover a product that I love, but is just something I wanted because it was great at the time, I will definitely not put that in my makeup bag and leave that for the drawer. If it is something that I need or use often, it will definitely stay in my makeup bag. – Samaa Ahmed from wearivebeen.com


This is one of the few spring cleanings that I enjoy! When I know the season is near, I gather all of my makeup in one place and go through each product in detail. If I haven’t used it in a while and don’t plan on using it in the next month, I will toss it! I also check for expiration dates as well and get rid of any products that are very near or already expired. After scoping out the newest spring fashions and colors, I usually check out a couple of my favorite beauty stores like Sephora to score some new seasonal products! –Christina Dozier from The Beauty Closet


I spring clean my makeup bag by going through and throwing out (or passing on each piece) that I know I am never going to use, or has been opened in my makeup bag longer than the expiration date. I will also go through and take a makeup sanitizing wipe and wipe down the pieces that I am or are going to continue using. – Amy from allurebyamy.com



I need to spring clean my makeup bag a little more often quite honestly. I usually do it about every 6 months or so. I start to notice my mascara drying out, my eye shadow getting old and breaking up, and my lip products nearing the end. And I know it’s time to buy some new stuff. –http://www.freebiequeen13.net/


Are your spring-cleaning tendencies similar to some of these bloggers? Let us know how you get ready for the spring by commenting down below!