Beauty Writers Reveal Their Secrets to Perfect Skin: Morning Routines

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We are back with some more of our favorite bloggers’ responses about what their daily morning routine looks like.

“I start the day off sitting on the back patio having a nice tall cup of coffee with my husband. I hate to admit it, but I am a coffee fanatic. I won’t get out of bed until my husband has it ready. I then proceed to get dressed and head to the bathroom. I usually throw my hair up in a quick pony tail, brush my teeth, wash my hands, and then run out the door to take the kids to school. Once I get back I can then think about my skin care routine. I usually use a light moisturizer, especially around my troubled eye area, let it dry, and proceed to apply light make up consisting on face powder, a bit of eye liner and shadow, and lip moisturizer/gloss. I am ready to begin working.”-

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that we must take better care of our skin, so I’ve done a major overhaul with my morning routine and I’ve definitely seen it make a wonderful improvement. I like to start out with a daily cleanser or refining mask to cleanse my skin well. As my pores then to be larger and at times my skin can be oily, I also use a pore minimizing toner following cleansing. This reduces shine, dirt, and pore size. It’s very important to use a good serum too in your daily morning routine and I do wish I started utilizing this product sooner. Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are fantastic ingredients to consider when choosing a serum and I generally alternant between those two types from day-to-day to ensure that I don’t cause stress to my skin. Shortly after the serum dries, I usually apply a good, oil-free moisturizer. This helps the serum that I’ve just applied absorb well into the skin and ensure its effectiveness. Lastly, I’ve been added the awesome [re]fresh Eye Serum to my daily morning routine and I’ve seen a big difference and improvement in my under eye area! The dark circles I once had have all but virtually disappeared and it seems to de-puff eyes almost instantly!” –Christina Dozier from The Beauty Closet

“My daily morning routine involves cleansing the skin (separate from the shower) with a good purifying cleanser. At night the skin works hard to regenerate and sheds a lot of dead skin. I apply a SPF 30,then my makeup. I NEVER leave the house without makeup. I feel naked without it! :)” – Marie from

“I wake up every morning and brush my teeth. Occasionally, I will oil pull with Coconut Oil. I don’t do too much with skin care in the morning, but when I do, it’s usually just toning my skin followed by a serum or moisturizer. It usually depends on the weather and how my skin is that day. My makeup routine usually begins with a primer followed by foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. When I am done, I like to use a setting spray.”-Sarah from

What does your daily morning routine consist of? Leave a comment down below!