PCOS, Hormonal Skin Imbalance, and Uneven Skin Texture: From Our Mailbag

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We love hearing from our readers and here is a questions about PCOS and how to mitigate PCOS’s effects on skin. (edited for clarity and to protect privacy)


Question: I still don’t know what peel is good for me. I have PCOS and so my skin tone is uneven with blackheads. I have very dark, rough cheeks with occasional acne and an oily tzone. Which peel or peels do you recommend?


Answer: Thank you for contacting us – I think that the best peel for how you describe your skin issues would be the Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel. It is reall our all around best peel since it contains Glycolic acid to unclog pores and decease oil production, Lactic Acid to smooth skin texture, and Kojic acid to even out skin tone.

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