Use Henna as a natural skin bronzer self tanner

Henna: Not just for tattoos anymore

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Women and men in the middle east and India have used Henna tattoos to mark special occasions and ward off the evil eye for thousands of years. But did you know that you can make your own safe self-tanner and bronzer with henna?

There are a ton of self-tanners and bronzers at CVS which all do the trick, and most use DHA to cause a safe and temporary darkening of the skin.

What I don’t like is the tell-tale ‘fake tan smell’ some of these products have. One very fabulous lady from Miami let me in on her secret: she mixes henna and baby oil (but any oil for skin will do) and apply that all over, letting it sit for 10-20 minutes, and got gorgeous skin color for the summer!

[Sidenote: she also confessed to sitting on her rooftop for hours with a foil reflector. The henna +oil was her replacement for that. ]

Definitely not mess-free, but a more natural alternative to commercial self-tanners. Has anyone else tried using Henna + oil as a bronzer?


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