Safe ways to get your vitamin D!

Vitamin D boosts our moods, immune systems, helps our bones and teeth to grow strong. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that, when deficient, has been linked to diseases like rickets, cognitive impairment in the elderly, some cancers, and an increased risk for … Read More

Everything to know about Skin Peels

Chemical peels are the process of applying an acid solution to the skin of your face, causing the outermost layers of skin to dry out and eventually peel away. Now, why would anyone do this? Well, because chemical peels incredibly … Read More

Our Easter Bunny is a Certified Leaping Bunny!

Refresh is Leaping Bunny Certified! If you follow us on social media you know already that we’ve been granted a Leaping Bunny Certification for our NEW Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum! We’re so excited and proud to have this certification and … Read More

Allergy Season and Skincare

Sunshine, warmth, happy thoughts and growth. As winter melts away and spring pops up, we’re greeted with all kinds of wonderful things and it’s like we’ve been brought back from the dead as well as all the plants in our … Read More

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