Allergy Season and Skincare

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Sunshine, warmth, happy thoughts and growth. As winter melts away and spring pops up, we’re greeted with all kinds of wonderful things and it’s like we’ve been brought back from the dead as well as all the plants in our garden.


And then we sneeze.


The unfortunate downside to all that wonderful growth and life is the often inevitable onslaught of the dreaded seasonal allergies. The symptoms often involve an itchy runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and some dark circles haunting your eyes.


There is a link between skin problems and allergy season, besides the dark circles. Sometimes if you’re wiping your nose frequently or constantly rubbing your eyes, you could wind up with more acne than you’re used to. It is common also to have a topical allergic reaction to pollen, where skin can break out into itchy hives just from pollen landing on you. Exzema is often also worse during peak pollen, and overall leave you feeling exhausted and depleted.


If you want to take extra care of the skin around your eyes while you fight your allergies, give the Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum from [re]Fresh a try. It helps make your eye area feel less red and puffy, and the nifty applicator makes it super easy to apply and apply the correct amount.

Another thing to do would be to scale back on the other areas of your skin. Scale back on how much makeup you’re wearing, and go for a lighter and more natural cleanser to use on a daily basis. If you’re going to be sneezing all day anyways it’s not going to do any good to cover the redness and irritation around your nose with concealer, you’re just going to rub it off anyways. And the concealers can end up irritating the skin further.


To prevent pollen contact allergy from worsening, wash or rinse your hair and night if you’ve been outside. If not, pollen that lands in your hair, will end up on your pillow – and you’ll rub your face in it all night. This matters whether you have nasal or skin reactions to pollen, as you’d be touching it and breathing it in.


Natural treatments for allergy relief abound, just be careful to avoid some cold pressed and essential oils – often these are made from plants and flowers, and highly concentrated – so if you have a pollen allergy, these are not for you.


As with all seasons, the trick is just to be kind to yourself and your skin. The Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum will help your eyes stay bright and feel active when you want to rub them raw.