Another Season, Another Skin Change. Top Spring Skin Tips!!

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Spring brings increased sunlight, warmth, and humidity to the air to refresh us after the cold and dreariness of the winter. Why not take the opportunity to refresh your skin as well? Unlike winter, which is much more geared towards skin protection, spring is a time to help your skin heal and improve. Take a few steps, and a few swaps, and watch your skin come back to the full force of its glow.


No matter how hard we try, our skin always manages to dry out in the winter months. Now that spring is at our doorstep, we’re in the best possible position to shed the dead skin. A simple exfoliator can be all that you need, but why not go the extra mile and indulge in a [re]Fresh dry skin peel kit?

Add a serum to your moisturizer

During the early days of spring you’ll find that your skin will still feel dry and needs time to adjust back to the moisture in the air. Add a serum and help it out! A serum is a moisturizer that lacks a lot of the creams and other chemicals that you find in a lot of lotion style moisturizers. The absence of these creams lets the moisturizing agents enter the skin more rapidly and creates a healthier base. For the first few weeks use a serum underneath your regular moisturizer.

Lighten up

Now that we’re not fighting the weather for our healthy skin take the opportunity to lighten up on your routine. Pick up a lighter and softer cleanser. Go for a serum instead of a creamy moisturizer. Give your skin the break it deserves and desires so that it can properly re[fresh] with the new spring!