Sun & Skin – All the Facts

Summertime is known for copious amounts of tanning, beaches, and the sun. But when is the sun too much for your skin? It turns out, every second you spend in the sun, especially with no skin protection, can result in damaged skin.


You may be thinking:

Well, if I don’t feel sunburnt, then chances are, I’m not. Unfortunately, this myth is completely false. Just because you don’t feel any sun damage, does not mean your skin has not suffered the consequences of ‘too much sun’. Let’s take a look at some myths about the sun and your skin.


Myth: Sun exposure does not cause my skin to age. 

Sun exposure may cause up to 90% of changes in your aging process, according to the World Health Organization. Overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can weaken the elasticity of your skin and cause you to look older than your actual age.


Myth: Getting as much Vitamin D from the sun as you can is healthy. 

Too many people think lots of exposure to the sun can be positive and healthy for your body and skin. However, according to doctors, anything more than 20 minutes in the sun a day can cause drastic changes in your skin. Too much sun may even lead to cancerous issues from all the UV damage that has occurred.


Myth: Loading up on sunscreen lotion will completely protect your skin.

As much as we want to think sunscreen lotion is the answer to all our sun problems, it unfortunately isn’t. While going cold turkey isn’t the best idea, as using no types of sunscreen protection can make things worse for your skin, topical sunscreens can only help so much before your skin becomes vulnerable to UV rays.


Myth: Sun exposure will help to improve my acne.

With acne being the most common skin disorder in the U.S., it makes sense that we’d do anything to find a solution to our flare ups. It’s a common myth that sun exposure will help to improve acne, when the outcome is actually the complete opposite. Too much sun can actually cause your skin to go into overdrive causing more outbreaks and extreme dryness.

Protect your skin

Don’t feel discouraged about being out in the sun. Remember, too much sun can have a negative effect on your skin, but if you take the necessary precautions to minimize sun damage, your skin will positively reflect the measures you’ve taken.