3 Natural Ways to Heal a Sunburn

posted in: Skincare tips

Summer is a time full of excitement and family fun! Sunburn has a knack, however, for creeping its way over our backs, faces, and noses, and those of our little ones! Luckily, we have here the top three safest, most natural ways to heal a sunburn. When our skin is exposed to large quantities of sunlight without UV protection, the pain is often comparable to a first-degree burn. Sometimes, for light-skinned victims, the pain could become equivalent to a second, and sometimes 3rd degree burn, as lighter skin has less melanin to serve as a protective agent.


Potatoes: Potatoes are a common household food item that most people are familiar with. Using potatoes as an aid to heal sunburn can be done two ways. Scrubbing, washing, and slicing a cold potato vertically, then applying the slices directly to the burnt skin minimizes the sting that comes with any sunburn. The starch helps to alleviate the burns while the compounds in the potato helps to even out skin coloration. If a cheese grater is available, grating the unpeeled potato and wrapping the burn in the potato pulp and gauze is an easier way to keep the affected area moist.


Yogurt: The probiotics in yogurt helps to heal damaged skin cells while alleviating the painful sensation that is caused by overexposure to the sun. Coating the burnt skin with plain white yogurt is easy to do with your hands, and unlike the potato slices, stays put while your body is in motion. The proteins in the yogurt also helps to create a layer of protection against the sun to prevent further damage.


Aloe: Aloe as a plant is helpful to keep around the house, as it is used to effectively treat and alleviate acne, cuts, scrapes, and burns. As the jelly-like pulp is located in the leaves, the ideal plant’s leaves will be thick. If plant maintenance seems like too much of a chore, aloe gel can be purchased at any natural food store, and works best if kept refrigerated.

These natural healing methods are sure-safe ways to alleviate the pain caused by a sunburn. In addition to the sun burning the skin on our bodies, the sun can also have adverse effects on the fragile skin under our eyes.