Peels and Combining Skincare Products: From our Mailbag

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We recently got a bunch of really great questions about how exactly to incorporate peels into a skincare routine, and thought this might help you decide if peels might be a great addition to your routine.

Several questions if you don’t mind. I used your fruit 15% acid peel and absolutely love it.
1) can you use peel day or night? Which is best? 
It’s best to use this peel at night, since there could be some temporary redness, which quickly subsides. Also this kind of deep exfoliation and then applying your normal night treatment/cream to penetrate further and work even better! The inverse is true as well: using this during the day is ok, but then you’re taking the newly revealed skin and exposing it to UV rays, which could increase the likelihood of UV damage to delicate, newly-revealed skin.
2) can it be used with retinol otc green cream advanced skin technologies level 9? What about with benzoyl peroxide or Mandelic serum 8%?
I’ve found that using this product with retinol OTC creams is ok – for me. But everyone’s skin is different, and it could be over irritating. If I peel and then use Tretinoin 0.5% (prescription) then my skin starts to peel visibly – like a snake! Or after a sunburn. Yuck. And the skin around my eyes get red circles.
I suspect benzoyl peroxide and Mandelic acid would be the same – could be too irritating.
3) how often can you use the peel? 
We say to start slowly, use it once for one minute and rinse thoroughly – see how your skin reacts. Gradually increasing the frequency of use and length of time you leave it on your skin – not to exceed 5 times per week and 10 minutes at a time. Recommended range is 3-5 times per week, 3-5 minutes at a time.
4) can you put the peel under eyes?
We don’t recommend this due to the danger of getting it in your eyes.
5) what percentage strength is your under eye product and what is the active ingredient? 
Our Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum active ingredient is a triple-peptide blend (yeast, rice and wheat peptides), and hyaluronic acid for added moisture.
6) will the under eye product burn when put on?
No – it should not burn, since it doesn’t contain acids or exfoliants. It’s a pretty soothing gel.
7) should I use my eye cream after the under eye product?
Yes – as long as your skin isnt oily. For normal to dry skin, using a eye cream on top will give you that dewy look and is optimal for locking in moisture. The serum by itself is enough for oily skin.
8) if I want to do two different facial peels should I do the fruit and the vitamin c or the fruit and the lactic and/or salycilic? I breakout with a few pimples maybe 2 a month or so but get blackheads as well on occasion. My biggest concern is the hyperpigmentation that stays after a pimple. I want glowing skin that I can wear around without makeup. 
I recently stumbled into a meeting with no makeup on. None – which is very unusual for me. A friend commented that they preferred the no-makeup look on me. So here is the formula that is working for me currently to keep makeup to a minimum. To be fair, I do own the company, so this will be tilted towards my line, but anyway:
Cleanse, use the Salicylic Acid 2% toner, which removes traces of oil and dirt and prevents blackheads from forming.
Apply Vitamin C Serum all over (for all over glow, has made a big difference for me in fading acne scars and preventing new freckles)
Apply Eye Serum (this is my key to no-makeup – I have pretty distinct dark circles – this really makes me look a lot less “tired”)
In the winter I’ll apply a moisturizer, but I don’t need it in the summer.
Then I’ll use the Fruit Acid 15% twice a week for a few minutes each time.
9) I currently use a Mandelic serum 8% daily. Should I discontinue this if I like your fruit peel or should I still use this daily? 
I’m not sure. Mandelic is usually pretty gentle, but I can’t be sure. You can test it slowly, building up to using them at the same time. In general we say not to use other exfoliants at the same time since we don’t want people to over-exfoliate and ‘burn’ their skin.