Benefits of Using All Natural Skincare Products

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All natural skincare has become popular for two obvious reasons: it’s healthy for your body and safe for the environment.

But, what do natural or all natural products really mean? According to the FDA: “The FDA defines natural ingredients as ingredients derived from natural sources (for example, soybeans and corn provide lecithin to maintain product consistency; beets provide beet powder used as food coloring).”

This is one of the reasons why Refresh Skin Therapy fundamentally exists. We’re honored to declare that none of our products are tested on animals or contain any animal by-products. All of our ingredients are natural, pure, and botanically-derived.

Here are 3 beneficial reasons to reach for all natural skincare products:

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Safe from Harmful Chemicals

If you want to protect yourself from harmful chemicals entering into your body, opt for natural skincare.

All natural products are free from damaging chemicals like parabens, perfumes, dyes, and phlalates. Instead of using parabens or dyes, natural or all natural products use plant based ingredients. We are already exposed to chemicals pretty much all day long – and ‘chemical’ doesn’t mean bad. However, decreasing the toxic load your body is exposed to, makes it easier for your kidneys to filter it from your body.


Environmentally Friendly

Since natural ingredients are derived from nature, they are eco-friendly after disposal. Including natural ingredients is an environmentally conscious approach. Just ask these researchers, who have discovered that the plastic microbeads in many soaps and scrubs end up in the water supply, and look like fish food.



Less Likely to Have Reactions

Got a headache from your latest face wash? It’s most likely from harmful chemicals within that specific face wash.

Since natural skincare eliminates damaging chemicals, this decreases your chances from having allergic reactions, breakouts, redness and irritation. It makes sense: fewer ingredients decrease your chances of having an allergic reaction. And if you still do have a reaction, a shorter ingredient list makes it easier to determine the culprit. We also always list all of our ingredients on the label and on our website, so that you can make an informed choice.

Fruit Acid Peel Kit

An all natural skincare routine is a conscious lifestyle. If you’re ready to go natural while caring for your face, we guarantee real and healthy results with our natural peel kits, serums and moisturizers. Shop them today!

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