Scar Fade Challenge

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Yes, that’s my kneecap. Which, until this very moment, has been blissfully hiding under long pants since August. However, February vacation is coming up, and we’re going to Jamaica, so I feel it’s time to get rid of these sketchy scars which have been shadowing me for a few years.

That blemish, on an otherwise ok kneecap, is (according to my dermatologist) a scar probably from an ingrown hair that I probably picked at and made worse. You’ll note I have two scars: one on my thigh near the knee, the other mid-shin.

I have exactly two week to try to fade these scars a little bit. I’m not so foolish as to think they will vanish, since they’re probably 6-7 years old,  but I’d love to see the darkness fade some, and make them both less noticeable before I see my whole family at the beach. Normally we recommend more time to see improvements on dark spots and scars, but….I just haven’t gotten around to it until now. So two weeks it is!

Here is the scar treatment regimen I’ll be following daily for the next two weeks:

  1. In the evening, gently scrub with a washcloth. I might use a physical scrub, depending on how sensitive the skin feels after a few days.*
  2. Use an alcohol-based toner to remove surface oil (which will prevent the peel from getting to the scar tissue)
  3. Apply a drop of the Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel, allow to dry. Follow with another drop, allow to dry. Wash off with water.
  4. Follow with a drop of our Vitamin C 20% Serum

*You’ll note that this is MUCH more aggressive than what we recommend for facial skin. Firstly, pigmentation is the toughest skin issue to treat – since it goes pretty deep down in the skin. Secondly, leg skin is going to be much thicker than facial skin, so it’s going to take more treatments, and more application time than the face. I would not scrub first, or use the peel daily if these scars were on a more sensitive area.

Next week, I’ll post a mid-way progress report, and at the end, we’ll see if I was able to fade my leg scars a bit before my vacation.