Pamper Yourself!

posted in: Skincare tips

Hey, we do a lot of things – we balance families, jobs, school, hobbies, our makeup addiction…(right?) – so we know that in order to stay sane we need to pamper and treat ourselves every now and then to a spa night. While sometimes we can’t mimic everything a spa would (Boston city noises, we’re blaming you), we take some time to relax. Today, a few bloggers are sharing what their spa nights are like!

“My favourite way to have spa night is to open a glass of Arbour Mist wine, and then to have a nice relaxing bubble bath, while reading a new book (usually one I’m reviewing) followed by doing my nails if there is time.” – Nicole from MommaKauk

“A spa night starts with a nice, warm and long bath, possibly with candles and wine. I take my time to treat my skin to a scrub and then I moisturize with my favorite cream, or with simple shea butter if I feel I need extra hydration. A spa night is not complete without a manicure and pedicure, which I usually do while marathoning my favorite TV shows.” – Arianna from

“My favourite way to have spa night is to run a bath (preferably with some kind of handmade bath bomb, bubble bar, or bath salts) put on some soft music, light a candle and relax with a good book. Presumably, my cats won’t bother me, and my fiancé will leave me alone. A good face mask always adds to a spa night – I like the “Freeman” brand masks, or if my skin is particularly upset with me, the Avon black mineral mask. The perfect finish would be using a good, delicious smelling body lotion (my favourites are the triple moisture body cream from BBW), and re-doing my toe nails with a colour I find inspiring in that moment.” – Debbie from CosmeticsCounsel

“My favorite way to have a spa night is when I am completely alone in my home and I decide to pamper myself with a face mask and just chill on my couch watching some guilty pleasure TV.” – Denyse Malette from