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Q:  I’m a Malaysian chinese aged 39. I have never use any peel before, so I did the suitable peel test and it’s say Fruit Acid 15% peel. Actually I was quite reluctant to use cause we hardly hear people use peel products in Malaysia. Will it be easy to get it in Penang, Malaysia? If we have any inquiry who should we refer to? Accordingly to some of my friends you only can do peels at Beauty, skincare or medical hospitals. Please advise if it possible to get it locally here. Thanks


A: Hi there!

Our peels are a lower acid content, so they can be used safely at home. Usually peels at spas and medical offices will be a much higher acid percentage (50-70%), so they must be removed quickly (with time measured in seconds) and those can be dangerous to use at home since they’re easy to leave on for too long.
What many people don’t know, is that some acids, like Glycolic Acid (found in out Fruit Acid Gel Peel), for example, are time-dependent. What that means to you: a 30% Glycolic peel left for 30 seconds will have the same effect as a 10% Glycolic peel left on for a few minutes. A higher percentage does not equal “better” – it just works faster. But like I mentioned before, the danger of a fast-working high percentage peel is that at home, the phone will ring, the baby will cry, and instead of 30 seconds, you’ve left a super strong facial peel on for a minute – twice the recommended amount of time!! Therefore you have a higher risk of burning delicate skin and creating new scars, instead of fading old scars.
However, you can get the same exfoliating effect by using our peels a few times a week for a few minutes at a time, that you could get using a stronger medical peel once – but with our peeling systems working gradually over time you should not experience visible peeling or too much redness.
Our peels can be shipped quickly to Malaysia – orders over $50 ship free anywhere in the world and usually arrive within a week of order, but we’re not available in any local stores in Asia yet.
Fruit Acid Gel Peel, Enhanced with Kojic Acid

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