PIH, Acne, Dryness, and Benzoyl Peroxide: From Our Mailbag

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A letter from one of our readers:

Q: Hi, I am 22 years old with dry, acne prone skin. I have uneven skin tone thanks to acne redness and PIH. I also have a lot of redness on my nose, particular in the crease and on the sides. It may be rosacea, though there is no acne like bumps. The pores on my nose look very clogged, kind of look like blackheads. I also have visible pores across my cheeks.
My face becomes very tight after cleansing and toning, with tiny white flakes of skin appearing- this also occurs a few hours after applying makeup.

I am looking for products that will help with my uneven skin tone, redness on my nose, PIH, clogged pores and dryness. My acne has slowed down a lot since I started using a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, though has not totally stopped. I also use a 2% BHA (I have tested this and it comes to PH of 4.5, which I worry may be too high to be effective, though I am only using paper PH testers).
I use a AHA. I’m not sure what percentage it is however I have tested it and it sits at 4/4.5 PH and glycolic acid is the 3rd ingredient. I use twice a week or so. I also use a homemade vitamin c serum (mix of LAA, water and glycerin) at PH of around 3 with 15%. I use a clarisonic once a day with no irritation. I also wait 20/30 minutes before applying BHA, AHA and vit C for the PH.

Which peel would you recommend for me? I would like something that can still work with my current routine and help my facial redness and PIH.
Thank you!


I think you would do best with the Fruit Acid 15% Gel – the Kojic acid will help even out your complexion, the glycolic will unclog pores, and the lactic will remove dry skin and allow skin to retain moisture better. The pH of the Fruit Acid Peel is 2.0.
Although, it sounds like your skin has some redness and irritation – I’d recommend switching to a more gentle cleanser and an alcohol-free toner or no toner. The Rose glow cleanser is really gentle, but gets pores clean where you don’t see dark pores right after you wash.
Our Hyaluronic moisturizer is also really light, and not oily at all. It sounds like you might really benefit from all three – and usually I’m not pushy about our products – but I know, since I have many of the same issues you describe (pores always clogged on nose, redness, breakouts torturing me), and using these products all together has been gentle on my skin, but I’ve seen great results.
I’m happy to hear from you – if you do try any of the products, please let me know how it turns out.
Best Regards,
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