Why Do I Need a Pre Peel Cleanser?

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Q: Why do I need a pre peel cleanser? Isn’t a peel strong enough to clear all the dirt and oil off my face by itself?

A: Cleansing your face before using a peel is key to get the deeper benefits of a using a peel. Let me explain:

Yes, our peels are strong enough to clear dirt and oil off your face, and will dissolve makeup and do a pretty good job at clearing your skin. BUT, that’s basically what a cleanser does. I’m guessing the reason you purchased a peel, is so you will see other benefits, such as keeping pores clean deep down to prevent acne, fading scars or fine lines, and for a more even skin tone. To get those benefits, your peel needs to be able to get a little deeper down, past the oil and makeup, and dead skin that water can wash off.

Our peels are water-based, and as you know, oil and water repel each other. So if you put a water-based peel on your skin, your natural oil on your skin will prevent the peel from reaching below the surface.

Does it have to be specifically designed for pre peel? Probably not – you can use most gentle cleansers. However, our Rose Glow Pre Peel Cleanser is specially formulated to get skin deep-down clean for optimal results when used in conjunction with one of our Peels, and it does not contain any harsh substances. If you already use an acne cleanser, for example, containing salicylic acid, using a peel after that might be too harsh and irritating. Our Rose cleanser gets skin clean, but without over drying and causing irritation.

How can you tell the difference? Try using a peel for the recommended time (1-3 minutes) without washing your face first – you probably won’t feel any burning or tingling (which, might be good, if you have sensitive skin or are new to using peels). But to really see a difference and results, use after cleansing skin with a pre peel cleanser.


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