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Will I Breakout After Using a Peel? : From Our Mailbag

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Question: I am interested in trying one of your peels… concerns are acne, oily skin and dark spots (uneven skin tone)….which peel would be right for me?.How often do I use it per week? Is it better to use the kit or just the peel itself? I have one more question and this is my concern whenever I’m trying a new product. …do I have to worry about breaking out the first time using the peel?
Answer: From the way you describe your skin concerns, I’d recommend the Fruit Acid Gel Peel, which keeps pores clear, reduces oil production, and the Kojic Acid in helps to even skin tone and fade dark spots. It’s our swiss army knife in terms of products – it really does a lot in just one small package! You can use it as needed, but no more than 3-5 times per week. 
I think it’s best to get the Fruit Acid Peel Kit – these products really do get the best results when used all together. Especially the cleanser, which is a really deep cleanser without being harsh or drying, and is necessary for the peel to get deep into pores.
The pre peel cleanser is really key, and the moisturizer is nice to have – since it’s lightweight and protective of new skin – hyaluronic acid holds in moisture and squalane restores youthful tone and firmness to newly-peeled skin.
In terms of breaking out with using new products, the answer is: It depends. I hope that you won’t break out, but everyone has such different skin. We have eliminated as many allergens and known irritants as possible from all of our products to minimize the chance of breaking out, such as Gluten, Phthalates, Parabens, colors, and fragrances.

However, the idea behind using chemical peels to treat acne is that the bacteria, dirt, and oil trapped inside your pores will come to the surface more quickly. The acids in chemical peel solutions also help dry up active acne and dissolve sebum and clogs.

So, it’s possible, but if you do breakout, it’s acne that was already forming below the surface, and you’re preventing future acne.


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