Fruit Acid Gel Facial Peel

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  • Incredible Anti-Aging: This organic peel will dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, shrink pores, and increase skin’s elasticity for a youthful and flawless glow.
  • Erases fine lines, dark spots and improves skin’s texture and tone while revealing noticeably smoother, healthier skin
  • Skin is noticeable brighter and complexion is more even-toned after first application



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A Naturally Refreshing Twist on Skin Health

How many times do you wish you could turn back the clock and had started taking care of your skin years ago? Now you can make up for lost time and help return your skin to a youthful state. Get brighter, smoother skin with our exclusive anti-aging Fruit Acid Gel Peel, a chemical peel with spa results, in the comfort of your own home.

Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel with Kojic is an easy-to-use chemical peel that refreshes your skin and leaves you with a young healthy glow. The gentle fruit acids, derived from grapes and sugar cane, exfoliate skin gently, without harsh scrubbing, burning, or irritation. You can get the results of a professional chemical peel from a spa, for a fraction of the cost, and with little to no redness, irritation or visible skin peeling. So easy to apply that you’ll want to use it everyday!

Like all of our products, Fruit Acid Gel Peel with Kojic is naturally-derived, never tested on animals, and made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility cGMP to ensure maximum control of quality.

What Does A Chemical Peel Do?

Our most versatile exfoliator, Fruit Acid Gel Peel with Kojic Acid uses naturally-derived Glycolic Acid to gently remove oil, makeup, and dead skin cells.

  • Complexion is noticeably brighter and softer, even after just one application
  • Fine lines and pores become smoother and less-noticeable
  • Clears pores and prevents breakouts
  • Enhanced with Kojic acid, a natural skin brightener, to reduce the appearance of dark spots

Alcohol free
Paraben free
Phthalate free
No artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives

Detailed Instructions on how to use a peel at home



Before and Afters

Watch How to Use The Fruit Acid Peel

Additional information

Weight3 oz

Cleanse skin. Spread a thin layer of Fruit Acid Gel over entire face and neck using fingers or gauze, leave on for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on tolerance. Rinse with plenty of cool water to neutralize the solution. Recommended for all skin types. Can be layered on top of other peels to increase their effectiveness. Can be used once per week.


Purified Water, Natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic & Pyruvic Acids), Kojic Acid, Xanthan Gum.


Dry rough skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, comedones, clogged pores, acne, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, rosacea, sun spots, age spots, stretch marks, photodamage.


1 fl oz / 30 ml



80 reviews for Fruit Acid Gel Facial Peel

  1. Norma

    I am totally in love with this peel gel, my skin is smother, brighter and it control breakouts. When I buy it I wasn’t sure if use it but since I couldn’t afford a 300dll peel I give it a try. So happy I did it, I been using this peel 2 times per week, 4 times already. The only thing is not clear to me is if I can keep using it and using it, or if you have to wait between each bottle. Now I’m dying to try the repairing cream.

  2. ojeda.rosemary (verified owner)

    This peel is amazing my skin feels and looks good right after I wash it off

  3. tsukihime2017 (verified owner)

    It is a very good product. I am really works. Hi everyone. I see some skin changes thx U

  4. trudy richardson (verified owner)

    This is a great facial product. It is not too strong, so don’t be shy about using it for a good layer and for 2-5 minutes. I have ruddy skin and it definitely lightens the texture and is not painful. Good rinsing is essential. I bought one for my daughter too.

  5. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    This does great for fine lines and wrinkles and it works well for pimples that is what I use it for. With being a makeup wearer I need something to deep clean my pores and this is the stuff I need it also helps with Fadingaway dark spots and melasma to reveal smooth, beautiful skin
    Minimizes pore size and improves overall complexion Smoothes away dry, rough skin I love the idea of it being Alcohol free Paraben free Phthalate free Gluten free and has No added artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives Vegan friendly

    100% Made in the USA

    I received this product at a discount for testing and product reviewing purposes. This is my honest unbiased review.

  6. KHansenReviews (verified owner)

    I’ve read several articles about the benefits of a gel peel, especially for those of us that suffer from melasmia. I have hormone induced dark patches on my face where I went through an early menopause. Nothing helps – and I’ve tried everything.

    I must say, I’m a bit impressed. I’ve used this 3 times so far and while my melasmia is not gone, it IS fading. The real thing I’ve noticed are the lines around my eyes have smoothened out dramatically. I didn’t even care about that because I don’t have many, but it really is helping.

    The first time I used it I only kept it on for the recommended 1 minute because I was afraid of burning my face or something. It did burn a bit and tingle, but it did not hurt at all. I washed my face beforehand and then washed the peel off, following up with vitamin c. My face was not irritated at all, but there was a hint of red that quickly went away. Second time I went to 2 minutes and last night I did 3 minutes with no irritation.

    I’m definitely seeing results and understand now why people recommend these peels! I’m going to continue use and hopefully I will minimize the brown patches as much as is possible. 5 Star product!

    I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

  7. Cherry (verified owner)

    The Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel is a vegan line with botanically derived ingredients. It is Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate and Gluten free. It has no added artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives. It is not as harsh as other peels, so it is safe to use at home.

    All you have to do, is cleanse your skin with a cleanser and alcohol. Then apply 1-2 droppers full to fingertips or preferably to a cotton pad and smooth over face and neck, avoiding eye area. I did a patch test first on my arm, to see that I am not allergic to it. The first time I used the peel for only 1 minute to see how the skin reacts. Then I started using it for 3-5 minutes at a time. I use it every other week to give my skin a little advantage.
    As it is very mild, it doesn’t give the huge results like a chemical peel, but it has cleaned up my complexion and faded a couple acne scars.
    I received the peel in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  8. Brandie Ware (verified owner)

    So far I like this peel. Just wish it was a little stronger for my sun damaged skin. I’d repurchase.

  9. Mariko Martin (verified owner)

    I am still on the 3rd week of trial for this product. So far, i have not seen any visible difference around my problem area which is Melasma/ dark spots from pregnancy.
    But my skin feels smooth. So I will wait a few more weeks to see the actual result.

  10. Shea (verified owner)

    Wonderful customer service and I enjoy the product!

  11. Jesse T Shaffer (verified owner)

    Great at home product if you are looking for a good gentle peel. I saw great results the first time I used it which was worth the price alone!! Second time was not as dramatic but I still noticed a smoother brighter complexion.

  12. Annette john (verified owner)

    I use this 15% on my face and a 10% on my neck. My skin is used to it now so there is not much stinging to my face or neck. Face is a little red afterward, I put a cool pad from my freezer and that helps take the redness out. Makeup goes on so much better now.

  13. Brenda Patton (verified owner)

    This was recommended by a lady who gives me facials. I have large pores and cystic acne at times with scarring. This is the best exfoliator I’ve found to prevent acne and also smooth my skin from scarring.

  14. Maia E. (verified owner)

    I love this product! Just few days of using (re)fresh fruit acid gel, it shows good sign of micro peeling though I feel a little tingling sensation but very manageable. I’ve noticed a clearer and healthier looking on my skin now. What I like very much of this product is the gel-base texture of it! It’s easy to apply on. I’m very positive that it will surely do great on my skin in few more weeks. I have been battling with some dark spots and uneven and dull skin tone. Hoping to achieve a very good skin after using (re)fresh fruit acid gel.

  15. Readalot (verified owner)

    Good peel that is not to harsh on your skin

  16. Montana Gal (verified owner)

    I use this on my arms, hands, and elbows. A bit strong for the face but does a great job else where.

  17. Lucy (verified owner)

    Makes my skin look fresh and younger. It quick its easy and it works!! I use it on my neck, face, lips, chest, and anywhere I want. It always works.

  18. Lucero (verified owner)

    I’ve used 2x only and I’m beginning to see some difference in my acne/rosacsea. My skin is not rough like before. I’m hoping with continue use it will reduce or eliminate my acne/rosacsea and acne scars.

  19. Laura Holub (verified owner)

    The ingredients are a dream come true. It just the right thickness, no smell and gives you that hard to put your finger on it glow.

  20. crystal vance (verified owner)

    Normally I do not do at home peels but after reading up on this, and reading the reviews it had I decided to try it! The problems I have with my skin are dry skin, aging spots, acne scarring, and some fine lines. After using this peel I noticed my skins dark age spots were barely noticeable, the acne scars became very light, and my skin oddly enough felt more hydrated then before.

    I received this product free in return for my honest opinion.

  21. Chloe101 (verified owner)

    Evens out my skin tone. Renewed my skin. Love the product will purchase again.

  22. lori digioia (verified owner)

    So far it seems ok–I’ve been doing the peels 3/4 times and my skin feels and looks smoother with my make up applied..

  23. Robbin B. (verified owner)

    I use this about once a week to help peel off the surface layer of the top coat of skin on my face, as I suffer with adult acne. This helps to keep my face from breaking out as frequently. I also use this on the bottom of my feet for my at home self pedicures for the summer months when im going to be wearing sandals a lot. Every female needs a bottle of this around the house. Really good for removing callouses and warts.

  24. Pierre

    I developed adult acne, been on antibiotic for a full year. I still had acne during the course of my antobitic. I ordered the peel from Amazon uk. It took a couple of days to arrive from America. It was worth waiting. I have tried everything to fade the scars left after the acne. I got dark skin and the pigmentation are black. I used the peel and after three minutes washed my face with luke warm water, mosturised my skins. I have used the peel three times. The acne have completely gone, no a single break out fot three three weeks. My acnescars start to fade. I am positive if I continue with the treatment it will be gone in no, time. I have not expetience no side effect at all I can wholeheartedly recomend this product . I shall buy again in the near future to maintain a regime. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  25. Holly Burgess (verified owner)

    Like this product very much. It isn’t harsh, but you do see results. I have only been using for a week and my sun damage has decreased. Looking forward to more results with longer use. I have been using serum, moisturizer, and oils in combination with the product to prevent drying.

  26. Debbief (verified owner)

    Makes skin sooooo smooth!

  27. Kateri Walsh (verified owner)

    Has already significantly reduced age spots on my cheeks and my skin feels really smooth.

  28. Honeybee (verified owner)

    I love this just as much as I do the refresh Lactic Acid peel. Both peels are very gentle on my particular skin. The bottles suggest that you start at one minute for application and then, if your skin has no issues to work up to 3 minutes. Both products I was fine to use for 5+ minutes. This Fruit Acid peel I have layered over top of my Lactic Acid peel a feel times to increase the results. My skin is super soft and smooth after rinsing, and I only get a slight pink flush on my skin that only lasts for up to 30 minutes, but often goes away sooner. I do all my peels at night before bed so I never need to worry about putting makeup over my freshly peeled routine. I always rinse off and pat dry then put my Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serums then apply either my Emu oil or Rose Hip oil. I have been applying this fruit acid peel to my neck and cleavage area as I am 32 and a side sleeper. I do not smoke and my skin is pretty clear (due to being sulfate free for 2 years and oil cleansing my face) but since I am a side sleeper, I do get some light creases. It is always important to start moisturizing your neck in your late 20s, early 30s as necks age a person. You do not want your face all bright and youthful but your neck all lined. 🙂

    This has a light fragrance, applies easily, and rinses well. I love that you only need water to neutralize it. I find it gentle enough to apply with my fingers, if in a pinch, but I do for the most part apply this with a cotton pad since over several uses it can dry out my fingers and hands. I have tried higher concentration peels than I can only leave on for 1 minute and have to space a long time in between treatments. I prefer a lighter peel than I can use more frequently. I highly recommend this product. *Sample received for review

  29. Alex H (verified owner)

    love it

  30. Virginia (verified owner)

    Product got here in perfect condition and on time! I love this peel! It’s not too harsh on my sensitive skin and it’s easy to neutralize. 🙂 My redness seems to be fading as well as my hyper pigmentation in just a few weeks of using it twice a week.

  31. Donna S (verified owner)

    This gel peel does seem to help my skin. I use it after I get out of the shower. I tried cleaning my face with alcohol before using it but the gel burned too much if I did that. I have seen a reduction of age spots while using this product.

  32. Tea & Nail Polish (verified owner)

    This was my first time using an at home peel and I was really surprised by the results for only a 15% peel – and how little it stung for the results.
    The gel consistency is great, you know exactly where you are putting it and it stays there.
    When I first used it, it got down to the blocked pores which looked worse, but a quick treatment for the blocked pores and my skin looked so much better; smoother and brighter. I have freckles and the skin around them looked brighter while the freckles have not faced much with three uses – but the dark spot on my cheek has faded. My oily t-zone stayed matte the next few days after using it too, which is a huge plus for me – especially when you have to wear sunscreen after any peel which makes your skin look oilier.
    This peel washes off with just cold water, no neutralizing agent needed which saves on time and added items needed which is great too.

  33. Phyl’licia Dixon (verified owner)

    This peel is good and works immediately. It is definitely fading my undereye circles and evening my skin tone. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I want a product that immediately gets rid of my undereye circles, I mean totally gone with 1 use. But, my undereye circles are much better and getting better with each use. Just be careful using this in conjunction with other products. I used it in conjunction with a serum and 30% glycolic acid cream, which was too strong for my skin.

  34. Megan P. (verified owner)

    Skin Type: Normal to Dry

    Skin Concerns: Hyperpigmentation, dehydration and hormonal acne prone, aging

    Peel Experience: Intermediate. I’ve been using daily chemical exfoliants for almost a year and low-strength mandelic and lactic acid peels for several months.

    Product Review: I had one of those never-ending pimples on my left cheek that started to form in mid-August. It took several weeks for it to get to the point where it was an actual post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation mark, and not an active pimple disguising itself as PIH. It’s been over three months since I’ve been battling this bugger in some form or fashion; and the PIH is seemingly just as stubborn as the pimple that caused it.

    I used the [re]fresh 15% Fruit Acid Peel four times in two weeks: twice on its own and twice layered on top of my other regular peels (mandelic and lactic, both 40%). I wasn’t expecting the [re]fresh fruit acid to be a miracle product for this one spot because of its strength, but I was absolutely curious to try it and I’m really glad I did.

    Although the super-human PIH didn’t fade much over the two weeks, I definitely saw noticeable improvement in the fine lines under my eyes. They are smoother and my overall skin is softer. I also saw a decrease in the redness around my nose and inner cheeks.

    Conclusion: I would recommend this product to anyone who is new to chemical peels or who wants to add a slight boost to their existing peel’s effectiveness. I love that it doesn’t contain alcohol — an ingredient found in most chemical peels that can wreak havoc on my dry skin.

  35. JustAMe (verified owner)

    Slowly taking away deep scars/pink spots

  36. Michelle Wong (verified owner)

    Refresh’s Fruit Acid Gel Peel is fantastic! I’ve been trying it out on the left side of my face for the past 3 weeks and my skin is noticeably more even in both tone and texture on my left side than the right. It’s been fading my freckles, as well as making my pores almost invisible and evening out my bumps. It’s very beginner-friendly – the gel is easy to apply, and the stinging sensation is bearable. I honestly have no complaints about this product at all!

  37. Laura Papasavas (verified owner)

    I love this product. I was using another product with the same ingredients for a lot more money. I just started using it again for winter.

  38. Sherrianne (verified owner)

    First impressions!

    First of all, you should know that when this peel says gel- it means gel. After seeing the container and the dropper that it came with, I really expected a liquid. I’m so happy that it’s a gel, however. It makes application so dang easy.

    Second of all, this peel is amazing! It’s an absolutely fantastic step up for your typical low concentration chemical exfoliant. It feels great, it doesn’t sting whatsoever, and it really makes the skin glow. The next morning I woke up to drastically reduced inflammation and redness. Any acne I had was markedly smaller and less painful. As someone who loves using peels and chemical exfoliants, I really wasn’t expecting noticeable results. Needless to say, this blew me out of the water.

  39. CSW1031 (verified owner)

    I have never used an at home gel peel before this one, so I may be biased, but this. is the. shhhhhhh.
    It burns. Oh, mother does it burn. In the kind of way that is reminiscent of a bee sting, but one that is helping your face shed skin and toxins.
    And on the plus side, after the first minute, it stops stinging, and freezes
    My first use is documented with some rather unflattering pictures because, shocker, this brings out the red when in use.
    I was surprised by the consistency of this application. I thought it would form a peel off mask. I’m naieve. That would be labeled as such. If you are expecting that, do yourself a favor and look up the differences.
    Sure enough, after about a minute and a half, I began to see red marks rise to the surface of my skin, hidden pockets of gross, no doubt.
    It gets better, I promise. The peel will soon stop burning, and you will feel a cooling sensation that takes over slowly but steadily.
    The instructions say to leave this on for 1-3 minutes. I probably went at least 3, because I get distracted easily.
    The warm water was a welcome relief on my face, let me tell you. As soon as I washed the peel off, my skin became flushed. It was gorgeously smooth and though there were some highlighted red spots, they went away within 24 hours.
    I fully intend on purchasing other items from this line of products, definitely the [re]veal cleanser pads.

  40. Casandra Figueroa (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. It gives you a brand new face like knew flawless skin. This peel is great to exfoliate your skin instead of using a scrub. It helps remove all that dead damaged skin on your face. It feels so refreshing after I use it. I really do enjoy it a lot. I’ve been using it to not only remove all that nasty dead skin but my acne scars too. It has actually helped a lot on reducing all of my scars.

  41. Anna (verified owner)

    I am an advanced peel user and do weekly 15% salicylic acid peels. This product was EXACTLY what I needed for the winter with the dry air moving in. Immediately after rinsing the product off my skin feels smoother and in the following days it feels more hydrated thanks to the alpha hydroxy acids. I’m now alternating the salicylic peel with the Fruit Acid Gel Peel every other week. It’s allowed me to keep up with my weekly exfoliation without overly drying my skin from the salicylic acid! It’s very gentle and would work well for those new to chemical peels.

  42. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I really like this gel peel. I have never used a product like this so I was expecting it to be like a mask or something, but it was just a gel type liquid. So when I first noticed that it was just a liquid I wasn’t sure how well it would work but it really left my skin smooth and felt so healthy. I didn’t have any bad reactions to it, like breakouts or anything. It felt so light on the skin and it really erased all of the dead skin cells and impurities. Which is great for dry skin like mine. Love it and would highly recommend it. I have nothing bad to say about it.

  43. Erin Reardon (verified owner)

    I was a peel virgin before I bought this, but it’s incredibly gentle and I’ve experienced no ill side effects. I did the first peel for 1 minute, then a week later I did it for a second time at 3 minutes–again, having never peeled before and with a daily exfoliation routine that’s spotty at best–and I experienced minimal stinging while it was on and no harmful repercussions afterward.

    After the first time, my skin was incredibly soft and smooth, but after the second peel it was in baby bottom territory. I had two large blemishes on my chin that I’d picked at, making angry red splotches, in the days before I did this peel for the second time. The morning after I peeled, they were minuscule red dots. I think it might have helped stop a burgeoning breakout on my forehead in its tracks, too.

    Both times I did the peel I did it on dry, clean skin, without using any of my normal exfoliators beforehand. Afterwards, moisturized like hell and smoothed a thin layer of Vaseline over my whole face for added moisture overnight.

    I’m telling you. Soft as a baby’s butt. This is a keeper.

  44. Kristen Keaton (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a variety of at home peels and high % exfoliating products for a few years. I was really impressed with this product – the gel formula makes it incredibly easy to apply and I experiencing results on par with higher percentage AHA peels, but with *less* discomfort than other formulas. The exfoliation was highly effective without any negative side effects like sensitivity or redness and I saw a marked reduction in hyperpigmentation.

    This product is a great place to start for beginners as well as experienced peel users. I really hope that this company will continue to expand it’s product line, a higher percentage salicylic acid peel with some mandelic acid would be excellent!

  45. Melinda (verified owner)

    I have acne prone and extremely sensitive skin, so I was a little wary of this peel. I even have to make my own cleanser, since my skin is so reactive. This turned out to be the best peel I’ve ever used. Two days later my skin texture was improving very quickly, my skin felt softer and smoother, and I just couldn’t wait for the week to go by so I could use it again! I’ve used the peel twice so far, and since then my acne has decreased pretty drastically, the leftover marks are fading, my skin texture is great, and I find it very difficult not to rub my hands all over my new nice skin.

    Both times I did the peel, I left it on for the whole 3 minutes, which surprised me. Usually peels get too uncomfortable for me to leave them on for the max time. It stung for the first minute, but only on broken skin from active acne. Anything will burn on that, so it’s no fault of the peel. I love the gel consistency. It makes the peel very very easy to apply. Normally peels are a very thin liquid, and you really have to apply them with a cotton pad or some sort of tool, but this can be applied directly to the skin and distributed with your fingers, and it won’t run down your face or get in your eyes.

    10/10. I would recommend this peel to any skin type, even the most sensitive of sensitive skin. The formula is gentle, very effective, no odor, no alcohol, and worth every penny. If you have acne or any concerns with skin texture or tone, this peel will work wonderfully (as long as you’re using sunscreen!!!). I really can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this product.

  46. NeoshaGee (verified owner)

    This product visibly improved the feel of my skin after my first use. After my third use, my skin looks and feels great. I would say be careful around the nose area corners. Wipe ALL the product off with cold water to make sure you stop the active ingredients from causing any light flesh burns. Overall, I love the product and looking forward to using it again and again

  47. Lis (verified owner)

    I had a great experience with this mask. I’ve used MUAC’s Fade Peel in the past, and have recently been using a Glycolic 50% peel. This mask felt even stronger than that! Immediate tingling, and when I washed it off my skin felt tighter and smoother. I’ll definitely continue to use this product.

  48. Onena Carpente (verified owner)

    I just spread a thin layer of the fruit acid gel peel on my face. I only use a couple of drops. Don’t use too much product. I only leave the Fruit acid one minute, and then I wash my face with cool water to neutralize. I feel and see my skin smooth. Using this product you must use sunscreen and be very careful with the sun because it can cause irritation. I have noticed my skin more even. I like the products of Skin therapy because their ingredients are natural. I highly recommend to try this product.

  49. Tessa Smith (verified owner)

    I love my skin. I take care of my skin. It is the one thing I actually have a “routine” for. And I am always looking for new things to add to it. I was excited to learn about the [re]fresh skin therapy system and decided to give it a try!

    These beauty items are really great and easy to use. Just wash your face using the Reveal pre-peel rose glow cleanser. Let me just say that it smells amazing. Like, I wanted to drink it, it smelled so good. After using it, I feel like my face is really clean and I love that!

    Next, just spread a thin layer of the fruit acid gel peel on your face (and neck if you want). It comes with a dropper and I only needed about 3-5 drops depending on if I was doing my neck or not. Leave it on for 1-3 minutes (I chose 2) and then wash with cool water to neutralize. I did not think it hurt at all and my face felt amazing afterwards. So smooth! These bottles will last me a long time – I would say at least 6 months. [re]fresh recommends only using once a month. I received this free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

  50. P. Wehner (verified owner)

    Have you ever been treated to a Spa Day and just had the entire royal treatment ? I mean body ,hair, and skin treatments ? I have ,and I loved it. I remember once ,I had a facial done. Oh,my goodness … My face felt and looked so beautiful after that treatment ! And, the little dark patch under my right eye was gone. I asked the lady who took care of me that day what it was she did to get it disappear ,and she said “I gave you a facial peel”. I was amazed. I had never had a facial peel before,and had I had known that they would help me to treat my slight hyperpigmentation problem,I would have been getting this process done way before this experience. Alas, we can’t all always afford to jetset to spa. Those little pleasures can get quite expensive,ranging from $50-$500 or more ,depending on the spa you go to. Not a good feeling for me..especially since I do suffer from a small skin condition. This leads me to this post I’m writing , though. I have found an effective way to treat my pigmentation problem at home ..for a fraction of the cost. It’s Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% from Refresh Skin Therapy, and it works .

    Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% “effectively removes the outer layers of thickened or damaged skin improving texture and tone while revealing noticeably smoother, healthier skin.” Here’s how –

    Effectively removes dead surface skin cells, Glycolic Acid Peel loosens and removes the outer layers of thickened, damaged skin.
    Ideal for Age Spots, Dry Dull Skin, Freckles, Sun Spots, Increasing Skin Radiance and Luminosity, Acne Scarring, Skin Lightening, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Melasma.
    Improves skin texture and tone, shrinks pores, Improves oily and problematic skin
    Enhanced with Kojic acid, a natural skin brightener with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, to reduce the appearance of dark spots and inhibit melanin production

    I have used my Fruit Acid Peel two times so far.I already see that my face is brighter and feels smoother… just the way it did when I had it done at the spa. I don’t recommend that anyone use this peel in excess. You have to keep in mind that this is a chemical peel,which means that a layer of your skin is being taken away with the treatment. Chemical peels can do the following things for you –

    Reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
    Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
    Improve the appearance of mild scars
    Treat certain types of acne
    Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills
    Improve the look and feel of skin (

    I do want to say one important thing about my experience with my Fruit Acid Peel – I did experience some strong tingling on my first application. According to the directions, the peel can be left on your face for 1-3 minutes,depending on the individual. I highly recommend that you only keep it on for no more than a minute if it’s your first time. Other than that precaution, my experience and results were fantabulous ,and I will continue to use this peel. And for the small cost of $34.95 for a 1 oz bottle, it’s steal , because that will afford you at least 10 peels,in my opinion. I mean, one facial peel at a spa is gonna run you about $60 at least ! If you are interested in learning more about the Fruit Acid %15 Gel Peel or you want to buy the product, you can visit the Skin Therapy site and browse through it.

  51. Kirstie Fiora (verified owner)

    If I could dip myself in this daily, I would. It’s been remarkably effective on my face and neck. I bought this peel to see if I could reduce the darkness of some freckles and age spots on my face. It worked so well on my face–I have very few spots/freckles and they are faint now–that I used it on my neck and got great results there too. Which is why I wish it came in vat, or at least quart, size so that I could use it on my legs, arms and back easily (Refresh Skin Therapy folks please take note).

  52. Hollie Pedersen (verified owner)

    I am loving this kit.
    Using the products is so easy.
    First I use the Reveal Pre-Peel Rose Glow Cleanser. I just wet my face with warm water, and lather up a small amount in my hand and rub it onto my face, in a circular motion. Then rinse with warm water. This cleanser can be used on a daily basis.
    Then I apply the Fruit Acid Gel Peel. You just spread a thin layer over your face and neck. You can leave it on a for a few minutes, then rinse with COOL water. With this peel, you only use it once a week. With the peel you have to be careful with the sunlight, it can cause you to have redness or irratation. Just make sure if you go out into the sun, that you wear some sort of sunscreen.
    Since I have been using BOTH of the products, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. My skin tone is more even, and my blemishes and lines are almost gone. I have even had friends comment on my skin and how fresh it looks.
    I like that neither one of the products have a smell. I am very sensitive to smells, especially around my face, so this is perfect for me.
    I have been using it for a few weeks, and have not have any problems at all, with either product!

  53. MLC (verified owner)

    The Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel, Enhanced with Kojic Acid also has a nice scent. It comes with an applicator for ease of use. It’s already been two weeks since I started using it and I’ve been applying it twice a week. Three times weekly is the recommended use, but since I’m new to this, I’ve only been applying it twice a week. There are improvements on the pimple marks and dark spots; they are lighter and some are less visible. I noticed that the appearance of blackheads have lessened, too. My skin is clearer and glowing. I’m using this together with the pre-peel cleanser and I’m sure I will continue to discover a lot of good things about this duo.

    Overall, I’ve had a wonderful experience with these products. My skin is brighter and softer. If you’re looking for gentle products to eliminate acne scars and dark spots and fight the signs of aging, these are worth giving a try.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for the purpose of this review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

  54. Amy Ballou (verified owner)

    I will be honest the directions and warning’s on the packaging was enough to scare me away. However, I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t burn my skin at all. I had a slight tingling sensation on my chin, but everywhere else was fine. The best part was how soft my skin felt afterwards! I only wish I had discovered this product sooner. Believe me when I say, I have super sensitive skin so I was surprised that it didn’t bother me.

    Disclosure: I received this product complementary, however this is 100% my honest review. This in no way, shape, or form changed my opinion about the product.

  55. Natosha Miller (verified owner)

    The Fruit Acid Peel Kit is a perfect product to refresh and bring out your new beautiful healthy skin under the dead skin above. With this kit by Refresh Skin Therapy you get a Fruit Acid Peel Gel and a Pre-Peel Cleanser.

    First the Pre-Peel Reveal Rose Glow Cleanser. It is a nice way to restore the skins pH balance and remove those nasty impurities on our skin. Mainly, I see it as the preperation treatment before the peel. Therefore, the Pre-Peel will help clean off the impurities and provide the skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. This will keep your skin healthy and protected from free radicals before you begin a Peel Treatment with this kit. You also get a nice size 4 oz Pre-Peel Hydrating Cleanser with this kit, enough to prepare your skin before a peel.

    Now the Second product is the Fruit Acid Peel Gel with Kojic Acid is a perfect way to exfoliate the top layer of skin and work deep into the skin cells and remove the thick dead damaged layer. Than all you see is that beautiful clean fresh and glowing skin underneath. I actually
    think of it as a way to cut off the dead and dull looking skin that won’t get off your face, even with just a scrub with a cleanser. Once you remove that old skin you have a lovely fresh, brand new skin beneath that hasn’t been destroyed by toxins or any other damaging products.

    I felt a quick refreshing feeling on my skin once I did this Fruit Acid Peel. It left my skin smooth and breathable. I don’t feel any tight or see any dull patches on my skin. It really does work deep to get those dead damage skin cells off the face.

    However, many will also result with the use of a Acid Peel is a way to prevent bacteria and rosacea flare ups from the Kojic Acid. You will notice reduction of fine lines and wrinkles from aging as well as those dark spots and scars from recent or old acne.

    I love the fact that its also Vegan and never tested on our friends, the animals. There isn’t anything fake in this product and made right here in the USA. Also this is in a 1 fl oz bottle, which you only need a little to do the peel and it will allow you to do 20-30 full facial applications.

    The entire process is wonderful! I never really did a peel myself and the idea sounded exciting. Therefore, once I got to use this product I was excited to see how beautiful my skin will look after. I must say I was super please with how refreshed my skin felt and it didn’t even cause my face to look red or irritated one bit. I always felt that a peel would cause you to break out or get red for awhile, but I was wrong. This peel didn’t leave my skin red and it didn’t even hurt.
    I can only say that this was my results, so I don’t know how it may affect anyone else, but I think its a really great product!

  56. Kathleen Kelloway (verified owner)

    This really works. GREAT EXFOLIATION without burning.

  57. Rosilene Conceicao de Sousa (verified owner)

    Very soft peeling, almost any thing . I use it and sleep with it, no flakes , no nothing, but thats ok.

  58. CassandraMsPlace

    There is a slight tingle sensation. No harsh smell and is easy to apply. With just a few drops applied to your fingertips and gently applied you will see results. If you have sensitive skin, try this in a little area of your body first. I did have a tiny bit of redness but nothing painful or irritating. You can leave this on your skin for up to 3 minutes, but I would only use it for one. Do not think that it will work better if its on longer as it will work really well in that one minute of time. I would not shave or wax after using this for about 2-4 days. Mu skin did not become dry or peel either. I like that this comes with its own dropper and even though the bottle is a bit on the small side, you do not need to use a lot for great results so your saving money.

  59. Kelly Garbato (verified owner)

    (Full disclosure: I received a free product from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.)

    I was giddy with excitement when Refresh Skin Therapy contacted me back in June with a request to review its products. I receive review requests for skin care products nearly every week, but this was the first time I’d been offered *vegan* skin care products for review. (According to its website, Refresh Skin Therapy does not use ingredients derived from or tested on animals. Its products are also free from parabens, perfumes, dyes, and phlalates, and made in the USA.) Naturally I jumped at the chance.

    Along with the Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel, I also received a bottle of the Reveal Pre-Peel Rose Glow Cleanser and a jar of the Hyaluronic Pure Moisturizing Cream. Since they were part of a skin care regimen, initially I used all three products together: three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights before bed) for eight weeks. After this I started using the cream on the daily, since it’s thick and rich and works great with my combination skin. After nearly two months of use, the bottles of peel and cleanser are still about 80% full. If used as directed (and just on the face), they should last at least 10 months; more if you can only tolerate the peel once or twice a week.

    Let’s talk about that. When I hear the word “face peel,” images of a hideously red-faced Samantha Jones come to mind. Of course, this isn’t fair; after all, it was a professionally administered chemical peel that wrecked Samantha’s face right before Carrie’s book launch. But prior to this, it was my only experience with any sort of facial peel. So I was understandably nervous.

    When first using the peel, I was very cautious in its application, since I didn’t know how my skin would react. I started by applying the peel to a very small area of my chin. When my skin didn’t start sizzling or erupt into angry red blisters, I slowly spread the gel onto the rest of my face, in very small batches.

    While I did notice a slight, tingly sensation, it didn’t hurt at all; and, while my skin was a little pinker immediately afterwards, this only lasted fifteen minutes or so. I only planned to use the peel once or twice a week, but quickly found that my skin – which is usually on the sensitive side – could easily tolerate the maximum recommended dosage of three times a week.

    That said, the peel does sting or even downright hurt when applied to broken skin, such as a cut or even an intact pimple. There was a period of a week when I had to stop using the peel altogether because I’d skinned my hands pretty badly while weeding. (You can also apply the peel with a q-tip or gauze, but I hate doing this – it seems like too much of the product clings to/is wasted on the application medium.)

    Though it’s somewhat subjective, I did notice a significant improvement in the appearance of my acne scars, with the most dramatic changes occurring in the first four weeks of use. In particular, I had one flat and one atrophic scar, both under three months old, that had that angry, new-scar redness about them and were thus especially bothersome. The peel greatly minimized the redness, as well as the overall appearance of each (though it didn’t do much to help the pitting in the atrophic scar, which doesn’t come as a surprise; those usually require professional treatments).

    I also have a smattering of older, long-faded scars, which didn’t evidence such obvious improvement. Based on my own experiences, I’d say that the peel works best on newer scars.

    Back in my omni days, I also experimented with a variety of non-vegan over the counter scar treatments and fade creams (Mederma, Ambi, Palmer’s Scar Stick), and the Refresh Fruit Peel is the *only* one that yielded noticeable results.

    Because the peel contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, take care to use sunscreen for at least a week following the last application.

  60. Kiki (verified owner)

    This product really faded my pigmentation thought it was a hoax but it really did work and when I have a pimple I just put it on and its gone

  61. Virginia malanson (verified owner)

    I have used this product for approx 1 month. I use it 3 days per week and have just recently noticed the sun spots fading. I have a couple of very dark spots that are lighter. I only apply on the sun spots and yes it does tingle and burn a little. I have tried every product out there with no results till this. Money well spent!!

  62. Rick Henry (verified owner)

    I loved this product. Not too strong but effective. I am able to do it once a week for about 6 minutes each time and then wash off. My skin is fair and sensitive so I don’t need a lot.

  63. RLS1978 (verified owner)

    Actually works!!!! Read all the reviews and decided to purchase it for myself, only used it twice so far but really has helped my skin tremendously….works, works, works!!!! And safe!

  64. Syed Zafar (verified owner)

    its ok…

  65. Lauren (verified owner)

    Acne scars are already fading, and the blemishes I did have are drying up after one use of this stuff. Love it. GREAT price, way cheaper than a spa facial!

  66. Jennifer Donovan (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with the instant result, I dared to post a video without makeup. I don’t get a lot of redness and what I do get goes away quickly. I have instant firming and line reduction

    *I was sent free product in exchange for my thoughts*

  67. Sara Diniz (verified owner)

    I’d never used a peel before, but tried this product on the recommendation of a friend. It leaves my skin so soft and bright! I was admittedly worried the first time I used it since I wasn’t used to the tingling sensation of the peel. But I quickly got used to it, and the results are fantastic. My skin feels fresher and more rejuvenated. The packaging is high quality and the instructions made it easy to use. This is a great skin enhancement once a week.

  68. Deborah Zipf (verified owner)

    Cleared pores for first time

  69. Lawni (verified owner)

    I received this product a couple of weeks ago and I’m sold! I was told about it threw a friend and was looking for a new line so I thought I’d give it a try. Having tried for those two weeks my skin has a very nice glow to it, I saw it the first week but wanted to be sure it was the product doing this so I waited. It really gets the impurities out of the skin which is everything to me cause I have an over active T zone! The price point is fair considering the products worth so I definately am going to try more stuff! FYI I also love the fact it’s all natural which is important to me. Hope this review helps!

  70. HJF (verified owner)

    I have severely sensitive skin so I tend to avoid products that may cause irritation. In addition to severely sensitive skin, I have dry and oil skin that results in some acne despite my adult age. I’m so happy that I was referred to try this product because not only does it not irritate my skin in the slightest bit, it results in a beautiful glow, smooth skin, and less acne resulting from combination dry and oily skin. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to get a dermatologist or medical grade exfoliant peel that results in smaller pore size and overall more youthful skin and radiant skin. I also love that this product and all of Re{Fresh} products because they are free from yucky Parabens, Perfumes, Dyes, and Phlalates.

  71. Christine G (verified owner)

    I purchased this specifically for spots on my hands from years of sun, and after two weeks, no change at all.
    I started with this 15% percent peel because I’ve never done a peel before; perhaps I need something stronger for hands.

  72. Cynthia Sue Larson (verified owner)

    I love the way this fruit acid peel really feels like it’s working right from the start, with a tingling sensation. The instructions recommend taking care to initially utilize this Refresh Skin Therapy peel for one minute to start with, and to try it first on skin that is not on the face, in the event of a bad reaction. I experienced no bad reactions whatsoever, and in fact find this Refresh Skin Therapy product to be so beneficial (it lightens the skin slightly as it exfoliates chemically) and so gentle (it seems like one can use it just about every night) that I’ve made it a regular part of my skin regimen.

    The effects of using this Refresh Skin Therapy gel peel regularly (at least a couple of times a week, applying in the evening) are nothing short of stunning. I can feel a softness return to my skin and see a beautiful clarification and glow of facial skin that had become blotchy.

    For best results, give this product time to show all it can do. While smoothness will likely come first, it takes a while for the product to lighten and brighten the skin… but WOW is it ever worthwhile!

    I am very particular about which skin and facial products I use, since I have extremely sensitive skin. Most over-the-counter skin products (including some high-end, well-known labels) end up in my garbage can, simply because they cause my skin to break out. My skin requires pure natural ingredients, which is why I’m particularly impressed with this Refresh Skin Therapy product that I received as a free trial sample to review.

    Highly recommended!

  73. Jody (verified owner)

    The Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid Gel Peel really works. Really, really works. I’ve used a lot, and I do mean a lot, of skin products, which is probably why Refresh sent me this one for review, and this peel is simply brilliant.

    It goes like this:
    You thoroughly clean your face, dry it, and then apply a few drops of the peel, smooth it around, leave it for up to five minutes, rinse with lots of water, use a good moisturizer, go to bed, get plenty of sleep, and prepare to be dazzled. It won’t turn you into Cindy Crawford, but your pores will disappear, deep lines will plump up a bit, and fine lines diminish. Your complexion will be brighter, and your makeup will not only go on more smoothly, you won’t need as much, and it’ll look a heck of a lot better. I’ve used the peel five times, and I’m hooked. My skin looks great, and I’ve honestly done a couple of doubletakes in the rearview mirror (glad nobody was behind me).

    There are all kinds of skin products on the market that claim to do what this product does. Some do, some don’t. This one absolutely does.

  74. Cute Chihuahua (verified owner)

    This chemical peel comes in a 1 fl oz glass bottle. It has dropper so it’s easy to measure and apply. It’s thin and clear and hardly has any scent at all. If you have never used a chemical peel before then you will want to be sure not to apply it right before sun exposure. It will increase your chance of getting sunburn. Other than that it’s simple to apply and very quick and easy. Start off by cleaning your face with an exfoliating scrub or facial cleanser. Then all you have to do it apply a layer to your face and allow it to work for at least two or three minutes. You will get more dramatic results if you can tolerate leaving it on a little longer. In my experience five minutes works well for me. I wouldn’t leave it on any longer than you are comfortable with. It may burn a little the first several times that you use it but you will get used to it in a little time. It was never really painful it just had a slight burning sensation. After several applications I got used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all now.

    I have been using this chemical peel for a week now and I have used it once a day five out of the last seven days. It doesn’t make your skin peel at all but it may make your skin slightly red for a while and it may be slightly tender. I have used a lot of facial products and this chemical peel has really impressed me. I didn’t notice a big difference after the first couple of applications but by the 4th application I realized how much it had improved my facial appearance. It may be temporary but I think my face looks two or three years younger than it did before I began the treatment. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures to compare. I would highly recommend that you apply some type of moisturizing serum right after your treatment. I would highly recommend this product for quick and noticeable results.

    Sample provided for review.

  75. Carrie Louise Clough (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! My skin looks and feels fantastic. I’ll definitely be buying this on a regular basis. I love it!!

  76. Shannon Lastowski (verified owner)

    This is step 2.
    I confess to being a skincare addict. The first to get microdermabrasion way back when, photo, laser, peels, Quazar, Tanda, you name it.
    Every so often I do a round of Tretinoin cream. It works beautifully but timing is everything, bad timing means going out for a special occasion and someone remarks about the psoriasis on your face, which I don’t have. Yes, that actually happened.
    This product gives amazing results, and used correctly, no alligator face. Well, actually, I’ve only used it correctly so have no idea if will make you all ‘Night of the Living Dead’, but for me it was gentle and effective.
    Looking to try a peel? This is the one.

  77. Lee Mellott (verified owner)

    I was given the cleanser, peel and moisturizer by this company to review and ooh la…I was delighted how soft and smooth my skin felt after the first treatment using the products.

    After washing my face with the cleanser and patting dry, I carefully applied the peel. I have tried other peels in the past and my skin felt nothing, but years ago I used a peel that wrecked havoc on my skin so I always use caution. I felt an initial tingling with this peel and I kept an eye on my skin for any changes. After the time was up (the company recommends 1-3 minutes depending on your skin) I rinsed it off. My skin had a slight pink glow and I applied the moisturizer.

    My skin felt baby soft and smooth – love it! I would recommend this product if you want a softer feel fast!

  78. Mandy Payne “Is it just me?” (verified owner)

    Ok, I have an olive complexion that, as I have aged, has become very prone to hyperpigmentation. I have had this peel sitting there for a while and was scared to try it. I have had many peels done professionally, but never at home. It wasn’t until I read Terry’s review of this product that I felt it might be ok for my skin type and that I should,just gather my nerve and give it a shot.

    I left it on for 2 minutes the first time. It didn’t burn or sting…maybe a little, but I kept wondering if that wasn’t more my nerves than the product. After removing it and following all directions, I followed it up with the HA cream. I had a slightly red face next day and the exfoliating that took place was fabulous. My face looked dewy fresh and the hyperpigmentation that I fight so fervently was noticeably reduced.

    I have since used this twice, increasing my time and am exceedingly happy with the results. My hyperpigmentation is fading more and more.

    Note: don’t wax or shave before or for a few days after the peel. I did and got a nice little rash where I had waxed.

    Sample provided

  79. Terry “tcinsatx@yahoodotcom” (verified owner)

    I’ve used fruit acid peels at home for a number of years to keep my dark skin tone even and the texture smooth and soft. This 15% gel is gentle and light enough to use several times a week without leaving your skin red or any down time due to scabbing and scary peeling, like a TCA peel.

    The entire process takes about 5 minutes. As always, I recommend a small test patch test a day before to make sure you aren’t sensitive or allergic to the peel. Once you’ve made sure you don’t have a sensitivity to the product, you can proceed with the peel.

    First, wash the area(s) you wish to peel with a mild soap and water and then pat dry. After that, go over the cleaned area with a cotton ball or pad saturated in alcohol. This ensures there is no dirt or oils left behind to inhibit the peel from penetrating. The way a fruit acid peel works is that it breaks down the fibers that hold the top layer of skin on. By breaking those fibers down, it allows the upper layer of skin to peel away and expose the brighter, newer skin beneath.

    Apply a few drops of the peel onto your fingertips and then apply to your skin. I peel my face, neck, decolletage and my lower arms and the back of my hands. Be sure to avoid getting it too close to your eyes. You can leave the peel on for up to 3 minutes, but Refresh recommends limiting it to 1 minute is this is your first peel. You may notice some tingling or even a slight stinging or burning sensation initially. This is normal. At the end of the 3 minutes, wash the peel off with plenty of cool water. You don’t need a neutralizer with an AHA peel as water completely neutralizes the acids.

    If you peel at night, which is recommended, then simply apply a good moisturizer after the peel. I’m using Refresh Skin Therapy Hyaluronic acid moisturizer after each peel and it feels wonderful. You will want to wear a sunscreen every day when using peels so that you protect the new, fresh skin from damaging rays and you avoid skin discolorations from sun exposure.

    Once you become accustomed to peels, or if you’ve been peeling for a while, you can leave this peel on for up to 10 minutes and you can also apply a second layer after 3 minutes for maximum exfoliating effects.

    I have to say that I really like the gel peel. It glides on so easily. And the results are exactly what I’ve come to expect from AHA peels.

    If you have skin that is beginning to age, have damage from sun exposure, have skin discolorations or hyper-pigmentations, or fine lines and wrinkles, try home peels for a couple of months. I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

    NOTE: I was provided a sample of this peel for reviewing purposes, but a positive review was neither promised or implied.

  80. Angela Streiff (verified owner)

    Recently my skin has been less that cooperative. My skin has been oily and at times looking somewhat bit blotchy in color. Yuck. My usual exfoliants and cleansers haven’t helped. I recently started using this Fruit Peel, combined with the Hyaluronic Pure Moisturizing Cream (Post-peel Repair and Restore) and the Pre-peel Hydrating Rose Glow Gel Deep Facial Cleanser from the same company. The first time I used the peel left it on a very short time to see how my skin would react to it. After washing it off I applied the post-peel lotion and my face felt great. It stayed oil free all day and my skin tone looked good.

    About 5 days later (today) I decided to use it again and leave it on for a little longer. I also used more of the product this time. After a short while I felt a very mild sting. Not in a bad way, but more like a sign it was working. It wasn’t uncomfortable, I could just tell it was there. I could really feel it getting into my skin this time. After that I washed it off and applied the lotion again. Now hours later I can still feel the results. The oil in my skin I’ve been fighting with is long gone and my face feels so smooth and tight.

    This is a nice chemical peel that you can use for short times weekly to get the desired results. I love using something like this over the peels that you do all at once and then spend a week with a red face. You can use this treatment for a short time once a week to get the desired results for your skin. And doing it this way, you can still go out the same day and not look blood red in the face. My skin is feeling tender from the peel earlier today, but it’s not red. So if you want a great peel that you can use, where you can see and feel the effects and use it each week, this AHA fruit acid peel is a great choice.

    Also something I really like about products made by this company is they are not tested on animals. Each product states this on the label. Animal testing for cosmetic purposes is a thing of the past and I appreciate that this company chooses not to participate in the inhumane and outdated practice. Also noted on the label is these products are made in America.

    Sample provided for review

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