Q:  I’m interested in your product and I would like to share some information on my skin and find out by you all what type of peel is right for my skin….My skin is rough/dry/skin/…Acne/blackheads….Sensitive….Sunspots/UV damage….Dull skin/uneven tone ….and skin lightening issues….and I would like to get the right product for me. Please respond back to me on the right product to order…Thank you.

A: I think to address the acne/blackheads and skin lightening, but without irritating the dry areas, I’d recommend the Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel. It works, but without being as drying as the salicylic, and is great for evening out tone and combination skin like yours. Although if your skin is very sensitive (like, prone to rashes, hives, red blotches from spicy foods), go with the Lactic Acid 10% gel peel, which is our most gentle peeling product, but unfortunately it won’t be as effective for evening out skin tone or fading dark spots.


Fruit Acid Gel Peel, Enhanced with Kojic Acid




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Lactic Acid 10 Gel Peel




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