Mascara and makeup brushes

Makeup Fasting: Welcome to the New Normal

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Skin fasting, or makeup fasting, is not something that is usually popularized in the media. But neither is obsessive hand washing or  being told please, please don’t go anywhere. Being isolated and inside is no fun, but it is an ideal time to clean out, throw away, and start over – and that includes your skincare.

How old is that mascara you’ve been applying every day? Can you remember exactly when you bought it? Probably not. I have discovered lipsticks in purses that are probably 5 years old….at least…probably older if I’m being honest.

Mascara and makeup brushes
How old is that mascara?

What is a makeup fast?

I started this little makeup fast, because I wanted to stop touching my face as much to protect myself and family from the coronavirus. That’s much harder than it sounds, especially if you’re used to constantly re-applying lipstick, smoothing concealer, or wiping away mascara flakes or smudges.

If you’re not going outside anyway, try giving your skin a break from all makeup for 3 weeks. Why 3 weeks? That’s how long it takes to see any improvement or changes from a change in routine. This is your chance to take skin health seriously, and not cover up problems with more concealer. And maybe you’ll touch your face less, and decrease the chances of getting sick. I’m about 2 weeks into the process myself and I am already seeing improvements: my skin is less oily in the afternoon, and my rosacea flares are calming down.

Stress = Rosacea

In the early days of the worry about COVID19, I was extremely stressed about getting sick. My older son has asthma, which makes him more vulnerable to respiratory illness, and I was watching CNN too late every night, following the virus as it popped up in more and more places around the country. When morning rolled around, I was waking up  with pinker-than-usual cheeks, dotted with tiny white pustules and red spots. Stress and lack of sleep are rosacea triggers for me and I knew something had to change.

Right now I’m using the Fruit Acid Peel 2-3 times per week, focusing on my cheeks (but staying away from the crease around my nostrils, as that area is more sensitive). In the morning I cleanse with the rose cleanser, pat on some Vitamin C Serum, and….that’s it. At night, I don’t have to use a makeup remover, just cleanse and apply the Retinol night serum (or peel then cleanse, it depends). My stress-induced rosacea is in retreat.

It’s time to do a big clean out – and your skin will thank you

I also took the opportunity to throw away all the germ-filled, old makeup (mascara tubes, ancient liners, lipsticks) and to wash my blush brush, eyebrow brush, and eyelash curler. My foundation (basically a tinted moisturizer) just happens to be new, so it gets to stay. Think about how many times I’ve used those brushes without washing them. Would you drink out of a cup for a year without every washing it?!?! I didn’t think so.

My skin is clearing up, and looking better and healthier, so I think I’ll stick with this new minimal routine for awhile. One of the hardest parts was getting used to seeing my own face in the mirror without makeup. In the past, I used to pass by a mirror and mentally note “ooh I look tired”. Now I’m used to it – this is just how I look without makeup, and it’s ok.

So if you’re stuck inside, take a break from the news, spend some time to deep clean your pores and makeup drawer, and give your skin a break.