Why Use a Serum?

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“Serum” is an intimidating word. The world of skincare is full of “creams” and “lotions” and even “cleansers” and we’re all really comfortable with these words. But “serum” that sounds serious.


So what are serums? How do you decide if a serum is right for you?

What are serums good for?

Serums are great for tackling and addressing specific concerns, like acne, wrinkles, evening out skin tones, things like that. A serum high in vitamin C, for example, is great to protect skin from premature aging. And the [re]fresh Fruit Triple Brightening daily active serum is packed with Bearberry and Kojic acid that brings out the natural brightness in our skin.

Serums vs. Creams

One of the biggest differences between serums and creams is the ingredients list, and that actually makes a big difference in how effective and functional they are. Because there’s usually no oils in in a serum they won’t leave a slimy or sticky residue on your face or hands. Additionally, a serum will contain fewer lubricating or thickening ingredients which makes them much more potent and effective than most creams that claim to do the same thing.


An under eye cream may feel like it’s doing quite a bit, because you can see the cream layering over your skin, but the serum will go a lot further a lot faster to reduce the inflammation. Not just because the ingredients are going to absorb into your skin faster, but you’re also going to be touching and pulling the skin in that area a lot less and not aggravating the baggy eye problem while you’re resolving it.

Serums facts:

  • Serums are water-based, eliminating oils and other materials that are designed to stop water from evaporating

  • Serums are much lighter, and absorb much faster than lotions or creams

  • Serums are highly concentrated in their ingredients

  • Serums are designed for daily use


So next time your favorite cream runs out, instead of replacing it with itself, check out the [re]Fresh website and upgrade to one of our vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made in the USA skin serums!


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