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Here is a recap of recent questions on skincare that we’ve gotten – maybe it will help you too!



I have rosacea and cannot exfoliate… what peel do you recommend? One mentioned something about rosacea… but when i look at the diagram is shows lactic acid for sensitive skin.


I’d recommend our Brightening Serum, which is suitable for Rosacea. It contains Glycolic acid, but a low percentage that will gently exfoliate, along with Kojic Acid and Licorice Extract for calming redness and preventing flare ups. 

I use the Fruit Acid 15% and I have Rosacea, but if you don’t normally exfoliate, that could be too strong. 



I am looking for solutions for what I believe to be sun spots on my face. Specifically I was led to you from your Fruit acid chemical peel on amazon. I have been using vit c, retinol, alpha arbutin, azelic acid, niacinamide etc all with no effect. Also, with no sensitivity effects either so I am likely a good candidate for a higher concentration.


For you, I’d recommend out Fruit Acid 15% Gel peel, and use that to the higher end of our recommended frequency. Although, please start slowly. Use it once for one minute, then rinse off. Wait a day, then you can add more time, and use it a few times per week, just see how your skin reacts. 

You didn’t get the sun spots in one day, and they won’t fade away that quickly either. 

I’m attaching a real before and after that I haven’t had time to put on the site. This person used the fruit acid peel 3 times per week for 1 month, and saw big improvement in her sun spots. I’ve asked her to keep going and check back in after 3 months. 

This is what she said:

“At 36 my skin has seen so much sun damage! From being a cheerleader, softball player and just in general wanting that “tan”! I had huge sun spots and my skin looked horrible! After 4 weeks and several applications of ReFresh fruit chemical peel I have seen incredible results! My sun spots are fading, my skin tone is more balanced and my skin glows! I receive compliments all time! Love this product! “

If you want, we also have a Triple Brightening serum, with Alpha-Arbutin, Glycolic, Licorice, and Kojic acid, and that’s a daily use to fade pigmentation.



I have your fruit 15%acid peel. I’ve never used anything like this before and I was wondering how it fits into the cleansing and moisturizing routine? I’ve used it after I wash my face at night and then I use my moisturizer. Is that ok or should I be using it in the morning and no moisturizer?



It sounds like you’re using it correctly – we recommend cleansing, pat skin dry, apply a thin layer of the peel. Allow that to sit for a few minutes (1-5) then rinse off with plenty of cool water. Follow with moisturizer.

Let me know if you feel it isn’t working for you, and I have some more tips for whether its too strong for you or not strong enough – everyone’s skin is different.