Tips to Control Your Skin with the Changing Seasons

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Summer is long gone and the biting colds of winter are fast approaching, sending most of us to our medicine cabinets scrambling to find the right products and techniques that will save our poor skin. We all know that our skin has different needs during the summer than in the winter, but the transition can often leave us feeling a bit lost.


So, we pulled together all our tips and tricks to keeping our skin fresh and bright!

Don’t neglect the sun protection!

Just because there’s less sunlight and it’s less intense than we dealt with this summer doesn’t mean it’s okay to abandon the sunscreen!


Make sure you’re using a “broad spectrum” sunscreen and apply thoroughly. It may seem odd to apply, and even difficult to find sunscreen in the winter but it will be worth the trouble.

Don’t indulge in hot showers

We’ve all been there, it’s freezing cold outside, maybe some combination of raining and showing, and a hot shower seems like the perfect remedy.


Stop yourself right there.


Hot water is the enemy of soft skin. It may be soothing, but it is also drying your skin out. If you insist on taking hot showers, take our advice and get a good moisturizer.


Speaking of…

Get the Restore Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream from [re]Fresh

It was designed as a complement to the acne peels and serums that [re]Fresh creates, but it is one of the best moisturizers on the market on it’s own. Because it uses natural ingredients to boost your skins own restorative powers it’s the perfect moisturizer for your winter face.


Pamper yourself with some DIY face masks

We can all use a little pick me up and pamper session from time to time, especially in winter when we’re more prone to depression and isolation. Hop on Pinterest and pick out a few DIY face masks to indulge yourself and pamper your skin at the same time!


Not into DIY? Try our Fruit Acid Peel to keep your skin youthful and flawless if the home remedies aren’t cutting it!