Brighten Dark Spots Naturally

Despite the assumption that we can’t get dark spots before a certain age…we all get dark spots. Whether it’s from hormones, sun exposure, acne, etc. it’s something that happens. And anything concerning our face is definitely worth being concerned about. We want people to be looking at us, not our dark spots.

For a lot of us, the solution to these dark spots is just adding copious amounts of makeup, or expensive chemical peels, or even laser treatment. All of those are expensive…and some of them are harsh. At Refresh Skin Therapy, we’re always striving to live a more natural, more holistic life, without compromising quality or results.


Potatoes are versatile, delicious, and can get rid of age spots! Slice up whatever kind of potato you have around the house, get it a little wet, stick it on the dark spot, and then go be a couch potato for a little bit and let the potato do it’s stuff!


When life gives you lemons, apply them to your face! Just apply a little bit of fresh lemon juice mixed with filtered water to most of your face (avoid your eyes and the skin around it). Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, rinse it off with water and check out the amazing results. It’s best to do it at night because it’s best to avoid sunlight for a while afterwards.

Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum

Refresh Skin Therapy Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum is everything you want out of a daily brightening product. This serum is a multi-tasking daily active serum with four key active botanicals to brighten all complexions and reduce the appearance of dark spots. It’s a combination of licorice root extract, glycolic acid, bearberry, and kojic acid. If you are someone with an uneven skin tone, dark spots, melasma, sun spots, or acne scars, the Triple-Brightening Daily Active Serum is the perfect product for you!


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