What’s New with Refresh Skin Therapy? New Packaging!

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[Re]fresh Skin Therapy has been around since 2013, and has been increasing steadily as a result of consistent high quality products. Over the years we’ve continued to expand nationally, reaching people from all over the world. As an innovative company, we are always looking for ways to positively grow and better our products, just for you.


Because of this, [Re]fresh Skin Therapy has not only continued on developing new and improved serums and skin cleansers, but we’ve also modified our packaging for each product for a more appealing look.


The new design looks refreshed, which reflects our [Re]fresh Skin Therapy brand. We promote a healthier and more effective skin care routine which causes our consumers to feel fresh and recharged. It’s easy to read and attractive to look at, with a more relaxed splash of water added to each design to express a little creativity and fun.


Each box displays a fully colored background that fades out near the bottom of each color making our product boxes stand out from the standard white background. The colors chosen are bold, but simultaneously transition from dark to light as we reach the bottom of the box.


No more Plain Jane! We’ve enhanced our product bottles boxes and fronts to not only perform great, but look great as well. Larger pictures and fonts on each box make it easier for you to read our product information and visualize where each product roots from. For some products it may be from Kojic Acid, or high quality Fruit Acid.


Lastly, through this new design, we’ve made sure that our new and improved packaging aligns with the quality of the product itself. Which is an overall important aspect and goal that we’ve continued to keep in mind through the production of each and every design.