Eye Area after Cataract Surgery or LASIK

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Recently, I got some feedback from a few customers that was so interesting I felt I wanted to share it. A woman told me that she recently had cataract surgery, and for the first time in years could go around without glasses. And she felt totally naked without the glasses!

Her eyes suddenly looked a lot of older, with bags around them – who is this lady in the mirror with dark circles under her eyes!  The rims of glasses and the lenses had for years made her eyes look more defined and disguised dark circles and puffiness. Plus now her vision was super-sharp so could see every line and wrinkle!

She told me she was not a big makeup person, but loved using my Peptide+ Eye Recovery Serum since having cataract surgery. The eye serum took her from “a set of luggage under my eyes, to just maybe one carry-on item!” 🙂 It was also a bonus since she could use it fairly soon after surgery, since doctors caution against using powders or flaky mascaras which can irritate the eye and potentially cause infection. The eye gel stays put and doesn’t flake; our gentle formula soothes and does not irritate the delicate area around the eye.

So if you’re going glasses-free for the first time in years, maybe check out our soothing eye serum now that everything is in HD!