Refresh Founder Featured on Fix Your Skin

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We’re excited that included Refresh Skin Therapy’s founder, Joanna Shu, on their expert panel for gathering the best organic skincare tips for 2017. Check out her recommendations, as well some other interesting tips from top beauty and heath bloggers.

Fix Your Skin’s Expert Roundup on Best Organic Skin Care Tips 2017

I started this line for skin health to address my own acne rosacea (including scars from continual breakouts) as well as my own skin allergies to almost everything (fragrance, artificial colors, the sun, saltwater, even my own tears!). My goal was to make peels accessible to everyone, since that treatment is really effective on a lot of skin issues like acne, fine lines, scars, etc. Creating the [re]fresh line became my personal quest: to find products that really work for even the most sensitive skin types without compromising our values.

Take an Organic tumeric supplement everyday – it’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory, and a lot of skin aging and problems (rosacea, for example) are made worse by inflammation. I love my organic Lactic Acid
exfoliator – it keeps my skin looking fresh and hydrated – I use it on my face and body. I also apply organic coconut oil to my body at night, it’s very hydrating and soothing and also an anti-inflammatory. Using a few drops of organic tea tree oil on your feet keeps them smelling good, as well as preventing athletes foot, or any other fungal infection (especially after you’ve been in a public pool or shower!).