Lactic Acid Peel (10% & 15%) Review

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When we receive customer reviews on how our products have transformed people’s lives into a much happier and healthier state, it’s a lovely (never taken for granted) reminder of why we exist.

When Graziela weighed in on our Lactic acids peels via Amazon, we couldn’t wait to share!

Here’s how the Lactic Acid Peels refreshed Graziela’s skin:


“Your peels have transformed my skin back to a point that I thought it could not be.” – Graziela

What Type of Skin Concern Were You Suffering From?

“I have suffered with an ocd illness not well known, or studied actually, called dermatillomania. it’s like trichotillomania but instead of pulling hair, it’s picking skin. my mental health was out of control in the spring & summer and i picked my chest mostly to the point of…. well, it was disfugured really. i would engage in this for hours like i was in a trance and when i would snap out of it….i was left with such broken skin that honestly, i didn’t think it would ever heal. the hyperpigmentation (because i’m more tanned skin) was devastating. my self esteem and my personal life was in shambles.”

What Steps Did You Take to Help Find a Solution?

“I ordered these peels (the lactic 10% & the 15%) and hoped for the best once my skin was healed enough to apply them.”

How did the Lactic Acid Peels Help?

“These products have improved my scarring and spots so much that i believe i will (and i have lol) continue to order them forever 🙂 thx you for making an at home product i can use safely and privately. it’s truly transformed my self esteem!”

Thank you so much Graziela for sharing your story and Lactic Acid Peel review with us! You’re why we do what we love and provide refreshing solutions for those pesky, unwanted skin problems.

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