The Best Makeup For Different Skin Types

posted in: Skincare tips

Like we mentioned in a blog post before, not everything works for everyone. Part of getting to know yourself is also discovering your skin type and what works for it. A few bloggers shared some of the best makeup products for their skin type with us. What are yours?

“I find a light concealer works well to hide blemishes, usually a powder or stick just for problem areas. PoppaKauk really likes when I wear a red lipstick, so I often do when going out.” – Nicole from MommaKauk

“I don’t have particular problems on my face (stains, blackheads, etc.) nor do I particularly care about looking like a porcelain doll, therefore I just use a BB cream that is very light and water-based. I don’t get much coverage, but the skin looks glowy and my pores don’t get clogged!” – Arianna from

“With my combination, acne prone and sensitive skin the makeup that I’ve found works best on me is products that are made to give a “matte” finish, like matte foundation primers, matte, or demi-matte foundation finishes. I avoid anything with the word ‘glow’ or ‘luminizing’ in my base products. Primers are a must for face and eyes for me!” – Debbie from CosmeticsCounsel

“When it comes to makeup I really have no problems I can mention. Unless the product is of a very poor quality and then again it really causes no issues other tan poor performance. That being said I have had issues in the past with specific brands reacting poorly with my skin.” – Denyse Malette from